Is This Pizza Really the Top Choice in Missouri and Illinois?

Opinions are held by individuals. When it comes to opinions on pizza and determining who reigns supreme, there is certainly no lack of “best of” lists circulating. One of the most recent ones that caught my attention hails from Reader’s Digest.

A list titled “The Best Pizza in Every State” has been released, however, the methodology behind determining the best pizza in each state remains undisclosed. I’m curious about the process behind their list creation. Throughout the years, I’ve indulged in countless slices of pizza, making it quite a challenge to determine which one truly stood out as the ultimate winner. I can provide you with my Top 5 choices, but it’s difficult to single out one as the absolute best. I’m unable to complete the task.

In a recent event, Mike and his fiancèe Amanda embarked on a journey to Chicago. They ended up at Pizzeria Uno instead of Lou Malnati’s for a Chicago-style pizza due to the long wait at Malnati’s. Malnati’s stuffed pizza is a personal favorite of mine. Nevertheless, Uno’s is equally impressive. It could potentially surpass or offer a more unique experience compared to Malnati’s.

In my opinion, Uno’s pizza pairs perfectly with a refreshing glass of beer. What is the reason behind this? The crust complements the beer’s flavor more effectively. While Malnati’s stuffed pizza is enjoyable with a beer, Uno’s takes the lead in terms of taste. In my opinion, determining the ultimate “best” pizza is quite challenging.

Best Pizza in Illinois

Giordano’s Pizza has been crowned the top pizza joint in Illinois by Reader’s Digest. It is said that there are few culinary delights as indulgent and satisfying as a Chicago deep-dish pizza. Giordano’s, a renowned restaurant in Chicago, introduces their exceptional stuffed pizza. In a surprising twist, the already indulgent combination of thick dough, gooey cheese, and flavorful sauce is taken to new heights with the addition of creamy ricotta cheese stuffed inside the crust.

I cannot dispute that evaluation. Giordano’s Pizza is widely available in many parts of Illinois, and their pizza, whether it’s deep dish or thin crust, is absolutely delicious. It has been mentioned before: certain residents of Chicago tend to get overly worked up about Giordano’s being a chain, but does it really matter? Quality pizza is always a delight.

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According to Reader’s Digest, Pi Pizzeria has been named Missouri’s top pizza joint. With locations in St. Louis, Washington DC, and even Iraq, Pi Pizzeria is making waves in the pizza scene. According to reports, this pizza is a must-try for everyone, regardless of their affinity for math. With a single bite of either their deep-dish or thin-crust options, customers are instantly won over by the deliciousness. The crust is coated in cornmeal, providing a strong foundation for the generous portion of chunky sauce, cheese, and a variety of fresh veggies and herbs that top each pizza.

According to Reader’s Digest, President Obama reportedly mentioned that Pi in St. Louis was his preferred place to enjoy a pizza. Regardless of political affiliations, being a Chicagoan, it is safe to assume that the former president knows a thing or two about good pizza. Well, who am I to dispute that? I haven’t had the chance to try the pizza there myself, but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit in St. Louis, along with Imo’s. The pictures on Pi’s website are incredibly appetizing.

Are They the Best?

In my article titled “The Best Chicago Pizza Joint You Never Heard Of,” I provide an answer to the question of the finest hidden gem in Chicago’s pizza scene. According to my research, the ultimate Chicago pizza joint that you may not be familiar with is the one where you create cherished memories with loved ones, whether it’s with friends, family, or your significant other. Picture this: you’re in Chicago, sharing laughter and stories while enjoying a pitcher of your favorite beverage and a delicious pie. Discover it and personalize the experience.

It is logical to assume that the same advice will be applicable beyond Chicago. Indeed, locating a quality pizza can be more challenging in certain areas of Missouri or Illinois. However, there are some fantastic opportunities to create lasting memories and savor delicious pizza at Fitter’s in Warrensburg, Pizza Glen in Clinton, or Calgaro’s in Cole Camp. For me, the focus lies on the complete experience rather than solely on the pizza.

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