Latest Data Excludes the Fastest Growing Cities In Ohio For 2024

The cities of South Lebanon and Sunbury are projected to be the fastest-growing cities in Ohio for the year 2024, according to Saturday Night Science. Is it beneficial or detrimental to be in a rapidly growing area of Ohio? It depends on the person you ask.

Some people prefer larger and more vibrant cities like Columbus and Cleveland, while others prefer peaceful and quiet towns like Munroe Falls and St. Clairsville. Thank you! Today, we will set aside opinions and focus on the factual information. We will examine the cities in Ohio that have experienced the most rapid growth since 2010.

After thoroughly analyzing the Census’s American Community Survey with Saturday Night Science, we have identified a group of cities in the Buckeye State that are highly sought after by people.

Fastest Growing Cities In Ohio For 2024

Which city in Ohio is projected to have the highest population growth rate in 2024? According to the latest ACS data, South Lebanon is the city in Ohio that is growing the fastest. If you live in South Lebanon, it’s likely that you’re not surprised to see it on our list.

If you’re feeling surprised and curious about why these places are significant, continue reading. We will explain what causes these 10 places in Ohio to grow rapidly.

South Lebanon

Population: 6,376
Population 2010: 3,809
Percent Growth 67.4%
Absolute Growth: 2,567


Population: 6,933
Population 2010: 4,168
Percent Growth 66.3%
Absolute Growth: 2,765


Population: 5,305
Population 2010: 3,241
Percent Growth 63.7%
Absolute Growth: 2,064

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Population: 13,086
Population 2010: 9,394
Percent Growth 39.3%
Absolute Growth: 3,692


Population: 23,229
Population 2010: 17,003
Percent Growth 36.6%
Absolute Growth: 6,226


Population: 5,580
Population 2010: 4,250
Percent Growth 31.3%
Absolute Growth: 1,330


Population: 36,103
Population 2010: 27,505
Percent Growth 31.3%
Absolute Growth: 8,598


Population: 14,113
Population 2010: 10,773
Percent Growth 31.0%
Absolute Growth: 3,340


Population: 15,202
Population 2010: 11,868
Percent Growth 28.1%
Absolute Growth: 3,334


Population: 24,822
Population 2010: 19,514
Percent Growth 27.2%
Absolute Growth: 5,308

Method to Measure the Fastest Growing Cities In the Buckeye State

We used Saturday Night Science to determine which cities are experiencing the highest growth rates. We analyzed the growth rates of cities since the start of the decade, using data from the American Community Survey released by the census annually. In more detail:

  • Current Population
  • Population in 2010
  • Growth rate from 2010 to Current

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