Latest Survey Finds Some Best Cities for Coffee Lovers

The coffee scenes in various cities across the country are becoming increasingly popular and competitive, challenging the dominance of Portland and Seattle.

Oh, coffee. It’s one of the few good things about a Monday morning, or any morning for that matter. Many people are familiar with cities like Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco being known for their coffee culture. However, there are other cities in the country that are also popular for coffee and might surprise you.

Livability examined the quantity of coffee shops, the average prices for coffee, the number of coffee roasters, and the overall quality of life in each city to create this list of surprising cities with great coffee scenes.

Tampa, FL

When you think about coffee, you might not immediately think of a sunny city in Florida, but maybe you should. This city, which is not well-known for its coffee, has many coffee roasters. Some of the notable ones are Blind Tiger and Made Coffee Company, which is also the first place in Florida to offer canned cold brew coffee. Tampa was ranked as the 6th best city for coffee in America according to a survey by WalletHub. The study examined how many people in the city drink coffee, how much a cappuccino costs, and how many local roasters there are.

Many people are going to Tampa, and it’s not just because of the amazing coffee. The city is currently experiencing high job growth because new businesses are opening up in the area. Despite this, the cost of living in the city is still lower than the national average.

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor has become one of the top coffee cities, thanks to the University of Michigan’s over 51,000 students who love caffeine. Ann Arbor has been included in ApartmentGuide’s list of the Best Cities for Coffee Lovers in America. This is because the city has a high number of coffee shops per person and a high density of coffee shops. There is a coffee shop here that caters to everyone’s taste, whether they prefer a national chain or a trendy shop that uses locally roasted beans like Black Diesel Coffee. People who want to become coffee roasters and baristas can learn about seven different brewing techniques at Zingerman’s Coffee Company.

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Sacramento, CA

California’s capital city, Sacramento, doesn’t receive as much attention as San Francisco or Los Angeles. However, there has been a growing and lively coffee scene here that has been gaining recognition nationwide. Sprudge once said that Sacramento is one of the five coffee cities in America that people don’t talk about enough, and we completely agree. Sacramento has a small number of big chain stores, which makes it one of the best metro areas in the country. It also has a lot of independent coffee shops per person. You can find delicious coffee at artisan shops like Insight Coffee Roasters, Old Soul Co., and Chocolate Fish Coffee, which is influenced by New Zealand.

Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City is known as one of the best places to live in 2023. It’s also gaining a reputation as a great city for coffee lovers, especially because of the young professionals who need their caffeine fix. Jersey City is a city located across the Hudson River from New York City. It was ranked as the 22nd best city for coffee on Wallethub’s list of the top 100 coffee cities. There are two popular local coffee shops in the area. One is Modcup Coffee Company, where they serve their own roasted coffee beans from different regions. The other is Dames Coffee Espresso Bar, which is famous for its latte art, homemade pastries, and a garden at the back.

Portland, ME

The word “other” Portland is becoming a popular place for coffee and other caffeinated drinks. There are many great restaurants in this area, and because people want good coffee, several independent coffee shops have opened up. The average cost of a cappuccino in Portland, ME is about $5. The Speckled Ax in the Arts District is using a special method to make coffee. They roast their organic beans with wood, which gives them a unique and delicious flavor. Yordprom Coffee Co. is the perfect place to get delicious Vietnamese coffee or Thai iced tea in a comfortable setting.

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