Least Trusted Restaurant Has 29 Wisconsin Locations in U.S.

Trust is very important in almost every part of life. It affects our relationships, business decisions, entertainment choices, the brands we buy, and the businesses we choose to go to.

Companies understand that they need to build trust with their customers in order to maintain long-term success. A survey was conducted in the United States to determine the most trusted brands in the country. By doing this, they also found the brands that are trusted the least.

One finding was that the healthcare industry is the most trusted by Americans, while the legal profession is the least trusted, with only 19% of Americans having trust in that industry.

A Trustworthy Brand Reason

When this question was asked, the answers that most people gave were:

  • Delivers on promises (36%).
  • They ask for honest reviews and feedback (36%).
  • Pricing transparency (35%).
  • Builds relationships with consumers (34%).
  • Consistent performance (33%).
  • Listens to and acts on feedback (31%).
  • Employee treatment transparency (30%).
  • Provides behind-the-scenes info about processes (29%).
  • Easy to use website (29%).
  • Pays employees well (28%).

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Restaurant Chains

When it comes to restaurant chains, one brand was clearly the most trusted, while two brands tied for last place. First of all, congratulations to Pizza Hut! When Americans were asked if they trusted the pizza chain, 40% said yes. This put the pizza chain in first place, slightly ahead of KFC at 39% and McDonald’s at 37%.

However, both Chipotle and Sonic Drive-In were tied for being the least trusted brands. Just 18% of Americans said they trusted either brand. According to baby boomers, Chipotle was ranked as the least trusted brand overall. Both brands finished slightly ahead of Panera Bread, which was trusted by 20% of the people surveyed.

There are more Chipotle restaurants in Wisconsin than Sonic Drive-In restaurants. There are currently 27 Chipotle restaurants in the state, but there are only 2 Sonic Drive-Ins in Wisconsin.

This nationwide survey included approximately 1,000 people and focused on entire brands, rather than specific restaurant locations. When you travel, you may notice that not all locations of a brand are the same.

Regarding the overall findings of the survey, Amazon was ranked as the most trusted brand in America across all industries. 56% of the participants in the survey expressed their trust in the Amazon brand. Netflix ranked second overall with a score of 49%.

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