Lets See the Cheapest Places to Buy House in the US

In the United places, there are different places where it is cheaper to buy a house than in others. Based on the Zillow Home Value Index from December of last year, this piece will look at the states where it is cheapest to buy a home. Since the cost of living is going up, many Americans need to find a cheap place to live more than ever.

Home costs have gone up a lot in some parts of the country, but there are still a lot of places where homes are still pretty cheap. The cost of living in a certain area can be affected by many things, such as the job market, the population density, and the state of the economy in the area. Because of this, the US housing market is the cheapest in both cities and rural places across the country.

Even though the prices are cheaper, these areas may still have a lot to offer, like access to cultural sites, outdoor activities, and local businesses. For people who want to move or buy a second home as an investment, the US’s cheapest housing areas can be a great choice.

Cheapest Places to Buy House in the US

The most recent information on US housing markets shows some secret gems where buyers on a budget can find their dream homes without spending a fortune. As we look at the top 10 cheapest home markets, let’s take a closer look at what makes each state special.

West Virginia

West Virginia, with a Zillow house Value Index of $154,370.75, is the most affordable state for people who want to buy a house. The state not only has cheap housing, but it also has stunning natural beauty and a lot of fun things to do outside. West Virginia is a great option for people who want to live in a cheap place that still has beautiful scenery.


With a Zillow Home Value Index of $194,452.99, Louisiana is a unique place to live because it is both affordable and full of exciting culture experiences. People who buy homes in the Pelican State can enjoy a wide range of music, food, and history, and the prices of homes are generally not too high. There is one place in Louisiana that really shows that affordability doesn’t have to mean giving up ethnic diversity.


With a Zillow Home Value Index of $195,594.44, Oklahoma is a great place to find cheap homes. There are a lot of different ways to live in cities and rural areas in Oklahoma, so homebuyers can find the right property for their needs. Oklahoma is a good place for people on a budget because it has a low cost of living and a thriving culture scene.

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With a Zillow Home Value Index of $205,375.08, Iowa is in the middle of the Midwest and offers cheap living. Friendly neighborhoods, a good school system, and low living costs make the state a good choice for both families and single people. Iowa’s central location also makes it easy to get to many services and sites.


With a Zillow Home Value Index of $213,149.09, Ohio wins the top spot. It is a cheap place to live in the middle of the Midwest. Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, among other cities in the Buckeye State, offer a wide range of housing choices for people with different budgets. Ohio is a great place to buy a home because it is affordable and has lots of cultural and economic possibilities.

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