Listing 5 Worst Neighborhoods in Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, there is a diverse mix of urban and suburban areas. Although it contains many secure and thriving communities, there are also areas with less favorable characteristics, including crime rates and living conditions. Here are five Middlesex County neighborhoods that have been identified as problematic based on different criteria.

Middlesex East

The eastern part of Middlesex County is known for being one of the more difficult regions. Crime rates in this area are higher than in other parts of the county, and the chances of being a crime victim are estimated at 1 in 17. Every year, around 23,555 incidents are reported in this area.

Areas where businesses are located

Regions with a high number of retail establishments, especially in the eastern part of the county, often experience higher levels of crime. This phenomenon occurs because many crimes take place in commercial areas with few residents.

Proximity to Airports

While Middlesex County lacks major airports within its boundaries, regions near airports sometimes show higher reported crime rates due to the large number of people frequenting these areas in contrast to their lower residential populations.

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Parks and Recreational Zones

There are 270 parks and designated recreational spaces in Middlesex County¹. These areas may sometimes have higher crime rates due to the large number of visitors compared to the smaller number of residents.

Communities Dealing with Housing Issues

Some areas in Middlesex County face significant housing challenges, such as overcrowding and high housing costs. These problems may lead to a lower quality of life and higher crime rates.

It’s important to recognize that despite facing difficulties, these neighborhoods also have strong points and room for improvement. By actively engaging the community, investing in infrastructure and services, and implementing effective law enforcement strategies, these areas can transform into safer and more vibrant communities. Kindly note that this list is based on the data available and may not fully reflect the most recent changes or advancements in these neighborhoods.


Middlesex County, Massachusetts, has diverse urban and suburban areas with high crime rates. Five problematic neighborhoods include Middlesex East, areas with high retail establishments, proximity to airports, parks and recreational zones, and housing issues like overcrowding and high costs. Despite these challenges, active community engagement, investment in infrastructure, and effective law enforcement can transform these areas into safer, more vibrant communities.

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