Listing 50 Top-selling Used Cars in the United States for 2024

CoPilot examined national sales data to reveal the 50 best-selling pre-owned vehicles in the United States. Across the vast United States, highways crisscrossing diverse landscapes, the top-selling used cars in January 2024 provide insight into the nation’s automotive preferences. These vehicles represent the diverse preferences of a nation constantly on the go, spanning from rural areas to bustling cities.

50 Top-selling Used Cars in the United States

Leading this trend are trucks, particularly used Ford F-150s ranking at the top. In the United States, the average price for a pre-owned Ford F-150 is $34,594. The F-150, Silverado, and 1500 trucks are the top 3 choices, known for their capability, durability, and adaptability, making them perfect for work-related tasks and weekend adventures.

As we examine the list, some brands stand out as major players in the American used car market. Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota are consistently at the top of the rankings, showing their lasting popularity and trust among American drivers. These brands are well-known for providing dependable vehicles that suit a wide range of preferences and needs.

Despite the popularity of trucks and crossovers, sedans such as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Toyota Corolla remain popular choices. These timeless options embody dependability, gas mileage, and cost-effectiveness, attracting individuals who value functionality in their everyday commutes. The continued appeal of sedans demonstrates that, for a lot of people, the attraction of a carefully designed four-door car is still strong.

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Models such as the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic remain popular for their affordability and reliability, while aspirational vehicles like the Lexus RX and BMW 3 Series are also gaining attention. It indicates that American drivers are interested in purchasing premium features, looking for a combination of luxury and performance in their pre-owned vehicles.

The compilation of the most popular cars in the United States provides a clear view of the American car market. It’s more than just the cars; it’s about the narratives they convey. From the trustworthiness of popular models to the appeal of luxury options, the eco-friendly features of fuel-efficient vehicles, and the driving preferences influenced by different regions. As the wheels of these different vehicles roll on American roads, they represent the ongoing story of a nation’s automotive journey, with a wide range of choices mirroring the diverse landscapes they travel through.

The top-selling used cars list was generated using CoPilot’s exclusive PricePulse data, which tracks the online inventory of almost every dealer nationwide on a daily basis. We monitored and compiled the vehicles sold in the region. The data was arranged from highest to lowest based on sales to compile the top 50 best-selling used cars list.

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