Listing 7 Safest and Cheapest Cities to Live in Florida

Florida, a state renowned for its picturesque beaches and lively atmosphere, is home to a number of lesser-known destinations that combine safety and affordability. Here are seven cities in the Sunshine State that offer a safe and affordable lifestyle, whether you’re retiring, relocating, or simply curious about where to settle as a new or moving Floridian.

Safest and Cheapest Cities to Live in Florida


Dunedin, located in the Tampa Bay area, is a charming city that is renowned for its Scottish roots and stunning waterfront parks. With its low crime rate and cost of living that’s below the national average, this city is an appealing choice for families and retirees.


Ocala, located in Marion County, provides a serene living atmosphere surrounded by horse farms and natural springs. The city is renowned for its affordable housing options and is widely regarded as one of the safest cities in Florida. Residents often praise the strong sense of community and friendly atmosphere.

Palm Bay

Palm Bay, situated on Florida’s Space Coast, is a city that is quickly gaining prominence due to its reasonably priced housing options. A desirable location for families and space enthusiasts, this area’s appeal lies in its proximity to beaches and space centers, as well as its relatively low cost of living and steady crime rate.

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Gainesville, known for being the home of the University of Florida, is a city that offers more than just a college experience. The city is renowned for its thriving cultural scene and breathtaking natural beauty. The city is known for its affordable living costs, particularly in the housing sector. It has also built a reputation for being a safe and inclusive place to live.


Lakeland, located between Tampa and Orlando, is renowned for its stunning lakes and plethora of outdoor activities. In this city, residents can enjoy affordable housing, a cost of living that is below the national average, and low crime rates. These factors make it an attractive option for retirees and families.

Cape Coral

In Cape Coral, residents can enjoy the benefits of waterfront living without breaking the bank. This city, situated near Fort Myers, provides an affordable option for those seeking a picturesque location. This city is known for its safe neighborhoods, top-notch recreational facilities, and a cost of living that rivals other coastal cities in Florida.


Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, is known for its vibrant college atmosphere and bustling political scene. In this city, residents enjoy a diverse population, affordable housing options, and a lower crime rate when compared to other metropolitan areas in the state.

These cities provide a distinct combination of affordability, safety, and quality of life, making them perfect for individuals seeking to embrace the Florida lifestyle without incurring excessive expenses. These cities offer a peaceful and affordable living experience for individuals of all ages, from young professionals to growing families and retirees, in the state of Florida.

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