Listing the Most Worst Small Towns in New York in 2024

For those who are not familiar with small town New York, it may be easy to miss out on the charm and appeal of this hidden gem. However, for those who consider it their residence, it is an exceptional place to reside.

Although New York is a wonderful state, it does have its challenges. Similar to any other state, it faces its own unique challenges. In this article, we will explore how Saturday Night Science can help us determine the least desirable small towns to reside in within the Empire State. Rest assured, we will utilize data to identify areas with elevated levels of crime, poverty, and unemployment.

We have carefully examined more than 456 of the smallest cities in New York and put together a list of the top 10 least desirable small towns in New York that you would not want to live in. According to the most recent census data, it seems that Whitehall has been identified as the least desirable small town to live in within New York for 2024.

It’s worth mentioning that although some of these small towns may have seen better times, they still have close-knit communities with amazing residents. It’s important to note that this report is not intended to undermine or diminish the residents of towns like Whitehall.

If you’re interested in the process behind these rankings, continue reading. Alternatively, if you’re interested in finding out where your town placed, you can simply scroll down to the bottom.

If you’re familiar with small towns, you might be interested in checking out some of the highly rated places to live in New York, or perhaps the areas that are not recommended for settling down. If you’re interested in gaining a wider understanding, consider exploring the poorest cities in the United States or the least desirable states in the country.

The Worst Small Towns In New York

Rank Town Population Unemployment Rate Home Value
1 Whitehall 2,407 9.0% $88,500
2 Yorkshire 1,061 6.1% $21,900
3 Wolcott 1,299 7.0% $74,700
4 Loch Sheldrake 1,499 8.9% $1,000
5 Whitney Point 1,087 31.8% $115,800
6 Great Bend 1,348 21.6% $111,700
7 Cohocton 1,068 8.9% $73,500
8 Gouverneur 3,667 8.6% $84,200
9 Little Valley 1,094 5.1% $69,400
10 Fort Plain 1,833 7.1% $64,400
11 Liberty 4,956 7.4% $117,700
12 Cattaraugus 1,056 7.3% $62,500
13 Delevan 1,312 7.7% $86,700
14 Philadelphia 1,057 6.4% $127,700
15 Montour Falls 1,888 6.6% $96,900
16 Clyde 2,033 12.1% $74,000
17 Stamford 1,163 6.8% $156,700
18 Little Falls 4,634 6.6% $69,400
19 Boonville 1,971 7.9% $121,700
20 Shokan 1,308 18.5% $217,000

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