Listing Which city employees earn the most in Pawtucket

In the midst of deliberations by the Pawtucket Finance Committee regarding potential salary increases for the city’s mayor and councilors, Target 12 has obtained exclusive information on the highest and lowest earning employees.

Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien earns an annual salary of $105,912, making him the ninth highest-paid city employee. Grebien closely trails his director of commerce, Sandra Cano, whose annual salary amounts to $108,999. James DeCelles, the chief engineer of the Pawtucket Water Supply Board, has the highest salary, earning $150,000.

Last week, the Pawtucket City Council was presented with an ordinance proposing an increase in the base salary for the council president from $8,000 to $15,000. Additionally, the base salaries for the council’s eight regular members would be raised from $7,000 to $13,000. If approved, these changes would come into effect in 2025.

Regular city council member salaries have been increased to $9,267 per year, thanks to an inflation adjustment. Additionally, the council president’s salary has been raised to $10,591.

In a recent development, a second ordinance has been proposed to increase the mayor’s base salary from $80,000 to $150,000. The mayor’s salary received a significant boost of nearly $25,000 above the base salary set by the ordinance, thanks to an inflation adjustment. This brings the mayor’s total salary to approximately $105,000.

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Last week, the ordinances were sent to the Pawtucket Finance Committee for review by the councilors. Councilor Mark Wildenhain has urged the committee to gather information from neighboring communities in order to make a well-informed decision.

Listing Which city employees earn the most in Pawtucket

“I have no problem with public service professionals receiving a fair salary for their work,” said the individual. Councilor Clovis Gregor emphasized the significant amount of work that everyone contributes.

The ordinance was drafted with a provision stating that the mayor’s salary would become effective once it was passed. Council President Terrence Mercer dismissed the idea, stating that it was not a viable option. He clarified that any salary adjustments would only apply to the officials elected in the next term, not the current ones. Grebien concurred, stating to Target 12 that he believes the decision could potentially draw in a larger number of individuals to pursue careers in public service.

“It may encourage more people to run as well,” stated Grebien. “It is believed to be justified.” Many people believe that it is necessary in most communities. The Pawtucket Finance Committee has yet to announce a date for addressing the salary ordinances.

The top 10 earners in Pawtucket

  • James DeCelles, chief engineer at PWSB: $150,000
  • Tina Goncalves, police chief: $130,000
  • Dylan Zelazo, director of administration: $129,999
  • John Trenteseux, fire chief: $119,999
  • Mark Stankiewicz, finance director: $114,999
  • Stephen Soito, engineering manager at PWSB: $114,638
  • Russel Houde, assistant chief engineer at PWSB: $114,189
  • Sandra Cano, director of commerce, $108,999
  • Donald Grebien, mayor, $105,912
  • Jeannine Bourski, deputy finance director, 105,418

Councilors receive one of the lowest annual pay rates in the city. Board positions such as canvassing, school committee, appeals, purchasing, and personnel, earn an annual salary of less than $5,500.

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