Local Flavors 5 Foods Unique to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Explore Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP) beyond its breathtaking landscape to find a gastronomic journey that awaits your palate.

The Upper Peninsula, affectionately called “Yooperland” by locals, is home to a distinctive culinary scene influenced by decades of immigration, lumberjacking, and mining.

Discover a universe of robust tastes and surprising surprises as we examine 5 dishes that are exclusive to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Prepare to go on a delicious adventure through the distinctive cuisine of the Upper Peninsula, from savory hand-held meals to tasty local berries! Here are five instances as reported by uptravel.com.

1. Pastries

Pasties, which are pronounced PAST-EE, not PASTE-EE, are stuffed with meat, potatoes, and vegetables on the inside and have a doughy exterior. They were brought to the United States from the United Kingdom in the 1800s by miners who arrived to the copper boom region.

Because they could be eaten by hand, reheated over candles, and kept warm for hours, they were convenient to eat in the mines!

There are pastie shops all across the Upper Peninsula, but Lehto’s in St. Ignace is the most well-known to visitors.

2. Whitefish

There aren’t many better places on Earth where fresh and easily accessible whitefish may be found, especially since it’s surrounded by three of the biggest freshwater basins globally. The fish is baked, broiled, or pan-fried in many restaurants.

3. Cudighi

Some claim that this hot Italian sausage originated in Ispheming, not Italy. Whatever its origin, Yoopers find it to be a distinctive and well-liked dish.

4. Thimbleberries

Given how prevalent these berries are in the UP, those who enjoy jams and jellies will be in culinary heaven. The sour flavor of chokeberries is akin to that of raspberries and currants.

5. Trenary Toast

This coffee bread, originally from Sweden but refined by UP bakers, is available in plain, cinnamon, vanilla, or cardamon flavors. The fact that Trenary Toast typically lasts for a year is the finest part.


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