Love's Journey: 'Starting Here, Starting Now' Takes Center Stage in Michigan City

Michigan City is gearing up for a musical treat this summer as Canterbury Summer Theatre prepares to stage “Starting Here, Starting Now” from July 3 to July 13, 2024. Located at 807 Franklin St., this revue showcases the lyrical and musical talents of Richard Maltby Jr. and David Shire.

The production promises a heartfelt exploration of love’s highs and lows, encompassing everything from the exhilaration of first kisses to the poignant sorrow of breakups.

With its fast-paced narrative and soul-stirring melodies, the musical is set to captivate audiences with its profound portrayal of romantic relationships.

As the creative minds behind beloved musicals like “Baby,” “Big,” and “Take Flight,” David Shire and Richard Maltby Jr. bring their expertise to “Starting Here, Starting Now,” ensuring a blend of tender emotions and raw realities that resonate deeply with theatergoers.

Cast and Performances

The production features a talented cast including J. Cole Becton, Angel Purl, Elena Farley, and Noah Bryant. Together, they bring to life the rich tapestry of characters and emotions woven through the songs of Shire and Maltby.

Audiences can catch performances at 2 p.m. CDT on Wednesdays and at 7 p.m. CDT from Thursdays to Saturdays.

Please note, that there will be no performance on July 4th, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for theater enthusiasts in Michigan City.

Ticket Information

Tickets for “Starting Here, Starting Now” are priced between $20 and $10, offering affordable access to an evening of musical enchantment and storytelling excellence.

According to the source, whether you’re a fan of musical theater or simply looking for a memorable cultural experience, Canterbury Summer Theatre promises an event that should not be missed.


In conclusion, “Starting Here, Starting Now” at Canterbury Summer Theatre promises to be a highlight of Michigan City’s cultural calendar this summer.

With its poignant themes and stellar performances, this musical revue is set to resonate with audiences seeking a blend of entertainment and emotional depth.

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