Maryland Rent Increase Laws Applying in Mid 2024

Rents are going up every year in different parts of the country. As a result, some states are putting in place rent control measures to help protect tenants. Here is some important information about the laws regarding rent increases in Maryland.

How Much Can a Landlord Raise Rent in Maryland?

In Maryland, there are no laws that control how much landlords can increase rent. However, if they want to, individual cities and counties can create their own laws to control rent. So, if there are no local limits on rent increases, landlords can raise rents as much as they want.

Maryland Rent Control Exemption

In most cities and counties in Maryland, landlords can increase the rent whenever they want, as long as they give the tenant written notice. However, it is against federal and state law to increase rent for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons.

The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to discriminate against someone when renting or buying a home because of their race, disability, family status, religion, color, or sex. They are not allowed to raise the rent just to prevent a specific group from renting from them. Montgomery and Frederick County have laws that prevent discrimination based on a tenant’s source of income.

Notice Period Required Before Raising the Rent in Maryland

The amount of time you need to give notice when increasing the rent in Maryland depends on how long the lease is and can be anywhere from 7 to 90 days.

  • A written lease for a week-to-week rental requires 7 days’ notice.
  • A week-to-week oral lease requires 21 days’ notice.
  • A written lease for a month-to-month agreement requires 60 days’ notice.
  • A one-year lease requires 90 days’ notice.

The notice must be written and given in person or sent by regular mail, unless the landlord and tenant agree to use a different method like email, text message, or an online portal.

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Cities in Maryland with Additional Rent Control

Each city and county can create their own rules for controlling rent. In Takoma Park, the local government decides how much the rent can go up each year. They use the Consumer Price Index to figure out how much the cost of things in general has gone up. The current limit on rent increases is 3.7%. This limit will be in place until June 30, 2024. Landlords must give tenants a minimum of two months’ notice before increasing the rent.

In Montgomery County, the amount that landlords can increase rent is limited to 3% plus inflation (based on the CPI). However, there is a maximum limit of 6% that landlords cannot exceed. They are very strict about giving notice. Landlords must inform tenants about any rent increases at least 90 days before they take effect, even if the lease is for a shorter period of time.

Mount Rainer recently implemented a law that limits the maximum rent increases to 60% of the CPI for buildings that are at least 15 years old.


Rent increases in Maryland are subject to local laws, with no specific limits. However, landlords can increase rent as long as they give written notice. Discriminatory or retaliatory increases are illegal under federal and state laws. Notice periods vary depending on the length of the lease. Maryland’s cities and counties can create their own rent control rules, with Takoma Park limiting increases to 3.7%, Montgomery County limiting increases to 3% plus inflation, and Mount Rainer limiting increases to 60% of the CPI.

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