An Indianapolis man wanted on multiple felony charges, including murder and attempted murder, was apprehended in Michigan City earlier this week. Robert Chandler, 32, had been evading law enforcement since warrants were issued for his arrest out of Gary, Indiana.

The arrest unfolded after Michigan City Police received a critical tip regarding Chandler’s whereabouts. Acting swiftly, officers responded to a residence located at 230 N. Calumet, where Chandler surrendered peacefully without resistance.

Robert Chandler’s charges include one count of murder stemming from a fatal shooting in Gary, along with two counts of attempted murder, aggravated battery, and unlawfully carrying a handgun. These charges reflect the severity of his alleged crimes and the threat he posed to public safety.

Following his arrest, Chandler was transported under the supervision of Gary Police back to Lake County, Indiana, where he will face prosecution in Superior Court. This cooperative effort between Michigan City and Gary law enforcement agencies highlights the importance of community engagement in apprehending dangerous individuals and ensuring justice for victims.

Residents of Michigan City expressed relief upon learning of Chandler’s capture, emphasizing the community’s shared commitment to safety and cooperation with law enforcement. The successful apprehension of Robert Chandler serves as a testament to the diligence and dedication of local police in keeping neighborhoods secure from violent offenders.

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