Michigan City Residents Dig Out from Record-breaking Snowfall

Michigan City, Ind., is currently experiencing the aftermath of a snowstorm of unprecedented proportions, as residents work tirelessly to clear the snow.

Michigan City experienced near whiteout conditions over the weekend, with over 30 inches of lake-effect snow blanketing the area. After more than 24 hours of relentless pummeling, the storm finally let up on Saturday afternoon, bringing some relief to the region. During certain periods, the rate of snowfall reached an impressive two inches per hour.

As the winter wonderland unfolded outside, some individuals seized the opportunity to capitalize on the situation. They braved the nearly three feet of snow, clearing paths in exchange for some additional income.

Michigan City resident Nate Odle reported that he and others are going door to door, offering to shovel people’s driveways. Residents in various neighborhoods across Michigan City have been lending a hand to assist one another with the task of digging out.

“We are just out here, trying to help each other,” said Joanne Dillard, a resident of Michigan City. A neighbor generously cleared the snow from the street, providing assistance to the community. A kind gesture is in order for someone who looks out for us, so I’ll be baking him some cookies.

Residents in the area expressed their eagerness to leave their homes after being confined during the severe snowstorm. However, local law enforcement advised drivers to proceed with caution due to the hazardous road conditions until the snow had been removed.

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Roadways are gradually reopening. Captain Derek J. Allen of the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office reported that there is some drifting occurring in open areas on all roads, both north-south and east-west.

The La Porte County Sheriff’s Department reported receiving over 150 calls from Friday to Saturday, according to officials. Allen reported that on Friday, the roadways were significantly affected by various issues, resulting in an estimated 50 additional crashes and slide-offs that went unreported.

Residents are being urged by Allen to exercise caution while navigating the roadways, as colder temperatures are expected over the weekend. There is a possibility of ice forming on the roadways. “We urge all citizens who are traveling to exercise caution and maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead,” Allen advised.

Michigan City continues to be under a snow emergency as crews diligently work to clear and widen the roadways. The Sheriff’s Department has issued a request to residents in residential areas to clear and move parked vehicles on the sides of the roads. This will allow plows to effectively clear the snow and ensure smooth traffic flow.

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