Michigan City Woman Allegedly Poisoned a Roommate's Dog with Synthetic Marijuana

A woman from Michigan City may potentially be sentenced to prison for the suspected poisoning of her roommate’s dog. The poor animal endured several days of suffering before ultimately succumbing to its fate.

A 23-year-old woman named Brienna Comer is facing charges of animal cruelty for domestic violence purposes. The charges have been filed in LaPorte Superior Court 4, and Comer is being charged with a level 6 felony.

In October, LaPorte County Prosecutor Sean Fagan reported that the alleged criminal actions were a result of a personal dispute that took place inside a home on Hayes Street, where the suspect and several other individuals were present. Michigan City council remains steadfast in their efforts to oppose the downsizing of the Coast Guard station, prioritizing summer safety.

Authorities have yet to provide any potential motive for the alleged poisoning. Fagan stated that further details regarding the motivations behind her alleged actions would come to light if the case were to be brought before a jury. “Witness testimony at trial will reveal any evidence related to a personal dispute,” he stated.

Comer has been accused, as stated in court records, of allegedly providing synthetic marijuana to a brown and white pit bull for consumption. The animal named Bruno experienced a rapid decline in health after taking the drug, exhibiting symptoms such as vomiting and the presence of blood in his stool.

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In a recent update, authorities have reported that the dog’s condition has worsened, rendering him unable to walk. Witnesses have described his legs as “thrashing about” uncontrollably.

Law enforcement reports indicate that due to financial constraints, the pet owner made the difficult decision to euthanize his dog. In a tragic turn of events, the owner asked a friend to carry out the procedure, which involved striking the dog on the head with a hammer. According to authorities, Comer, a frequent consumer of the synthetic drug, relocated following the incident in which the dog was poisoned.

Authorities have charged her with allegedly leaving a brief yet offensive voicemail on the Facebook profile of a former housemate, detailing her actions towards the animal. According to the police, the voice message was concealed from the pet owner for approximately one week due to his immense grief over Bruno’s passing. Afterwards, he proceeded to the police.

Investigators have reported that dogs may experience lethargy, loss of coordination, and a decreased appetite and thirst after consuming synthetic marijuana. According to investigators, the chances of succumbing to synthetic marijuana poisoning are significantly increased in the absence of prompt medical intervention.

After the death of the dog, police collected sufficient evidence to secure an arrest warrant for Comer approximately two weeks later. A woman was arrested on December 13 in Martinsville, Indiana, after a warrant was discovered during a routine computer check conducted by police near a Pet Smart store.

Police received a call regarding a disturbance inside the business involving Comer and three other individuals, as reported by the authorities. A woman named Comer has been charged by authorities in Morgan County for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. She became combative while being taken into custody on the warrant. On January 8, she was transferred to the LaPorte County Jail to confront the accusations of dog poisoning. If found guilty of the animal cruelty charges, Comer could potentially be sentenced to a maximum of 30 months in prison.

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