Michigan Deputy Killed in Line of Duty While Chasing Stolen Vehicle

DETROIT (AP) — Tragedy struck the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office over the weekend as one of their deputies was fatally shot while pursuing a suspected stolen vehicle in Detroit. The fallen deputy, Bradley J. Reckling, was in an unmarked car when the incident occurred Saturday evening.

The vehicle in question, a 2022 Chevy Equinox, had been reported stolen earlier that day from Red Oaks Waterpark in suburban Madison Heights. Reckling, along with other detectives, had been actively searching for the stolen vehicle.

Upon locating it in Detroit, Reckling began following the Equinox. As he was in pursuit, the vehicle suddenly stopped, and several individuals exited the vehicle and opened fire on Reckling, hitting him in the head, chest, and torso.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard described the attack as an ambush during a news conference on Sunday.

Three individuals have been taken into custody in connection with the shooting. Detroit police are continuing their investigation into the incident, seeking to uncover all the details surrounding this tragic event.

Bradley J. Reckling, a dedicated nine-year veteran of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, hailed from Rochester Hills. He was not only a committed officer but also a devoted family man, married with three children and a fourth on the way.

According to the source, the loss of Reckling has left a profound impact on his family, colleagues, and the community he served.

Sheriff Bouchard expressed deep sorrow over the incident, emphasizing the heavy toll it has taken on the department.

The timing of this tragic event is particularly poignant, as the department had recently dealt with another shooting incident at a suburban Detroit splash pad earlier in the month.

“Things like this are soul-crushing,” Bouchard remarked, highlighting the emotional and psychological impact such incidents have on law enforcement officers and their families.

This incident underscores the dangers faced by law enforcement officers daily. The pursuit of a stolen vehicle turned deadly in an instant, demonstrating the unpredictable and perilous nature of their work.

The loss of Deputy Reckling serves as a stark reminder of the sacrifices made by those who serve and protect our communities.

As the investigation continues, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Detroit Police, are committed to bringing justice for Deputy Reckling and his family.

The community is urged to support their law enforcement officers and remember the fallen deputy’s dedication and service.

For more updates on this developing story, keep an eye on local news outlets and stay informed about the investigation’s progress.

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