Mont-Royal is Quebec’s Most Livable City, Here is Why?

Mont-Royal could be seen as Canada’s initial planned suburb, making it a strong contender for the ideal one. According to Avi Friedman, a professor at McGill University’s school of architecture, the planned town showcases a vision of suburbia that has been overlooked in contemporary metropolitan suburbs. Unlike other suburbs focused on maximizing profit through more housing, this town prioritizes amenities like park space.

Mont-Royal is a municipality located within Montreal. It has spacious homes, big backyards, numerous parks, old trees, a mix of residential and commercial areas, and many schools within walking distance.

The Globe and Mail, in collaboration with Environics Analytics Group Ltd., conducted a thorough data analysis and determined that Mont-Royal is the top city to live in Quebec and the 11th best city to live in Canada. It received high marks in the education category due to the nearby schools, and in transportation for its walkability score and proximity to transit stops.

Mont-Royal was planned in 1910 based on the principles of the North American “City Beautiful” movement, aiming to combine urban and suburban elements. The roads were designed to capture plenty of sunlight for houses, while the abundant greenery was intended to create a park-like atmosphere.

“These attributes have not been compromised. … They have maintained that original character since the city’s establishment,” Prof. Friedman stated. According to Mont-Royal Mayor Peter Malouf, the park’s impact is noticeable from the air when arriving at Montreal’s airport. He always sees the small 7.5-square-kilometre city as a green oasis surrounded by urban development.

Mr. Malouf mentioned a noteworthy detail indicating a strong sense of community: over 8,000 individuals participate in the city’s sports and recreation programs, a significant number for a population of around 22,000.

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Laila Sayhoun, a resident of Mont-Royal, immigrated from Palestine with her parents in her 20s in 1990. With her own children now part of the picture, three generations of her family reside in the town, and she finds the community perfect for all aspects of their lives.

She mentioned that her kids enjoyed the community feel and could partake in activities like playing hockey on the streets. During her 20s, she had a convenient commute to study at McGill University. Her parents appreciated the spacious living area and the friendly, diverse atmosphere of the city when they moved there. While Mont-Royal is a great place to live, it may not suit everyone’s preferences.

Mont-Royal is known for being an upscale suburb, with homes that are generally pricier than in other areas of Montreal. Prof. Friedman mentioned that individuals seeking a more urban lifestyle might gravitate towards Montreal’s well-known inner city areas like the Plateau.

Ms. Sayhoun confessed that she occasionally desires a greater variety of restaurants and cafés. However, the compromise for Mont-Royal’s pleasant lifestyle is justified, particularly with Montreal neighborhoods like Outremont in close proximity. Mont-Royal is a small city within a larger city that offers the best of both worlds, she stated. It’s a refreshing escape within the city.

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