Most Dangerous Cities In New Jersey are These in Our Survey List

New Jersey, commonly known as the “Garden State,” is famous for its stunning scenery, lively culture, and varied communities. Just like any other state, it also experiences its fair share of crime. This article will delve into the most perilous cities in NJ, determined by crime statistics and a range of factors that lead to their elevated crime rates.

Most Dangerous Cities in NJ


  • Violent Crime Rate: 1,603/100k people
  • Property Crime Rate: 2,159/100k people
  • Total Crimes Reported: 3,762/100k people

Camden is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in NJ. Located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, it is dealing with various socioeconomic issues such as poverty and unemployment. Camden’s high crime rate, particularly for violent crimes, is a major concern for both residents and visitors.


  • Violent Crime Rate: 1,169/100k people
  • Property Crime Rate: 2,090/100k people
  • Total Crimes Reported: 3,259/100k people

Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, has been dealing with crime for a long time. The city is considered one of the worst in NJ due to its high crime rates, especially in property crimes and violent offenses.

Atlantic City

  • Violent Crime Rate: 823/100k people
  • Property Crime Rate: 2,698/100k people
  • Total Crimes Reported: 3,521/100k people

Atlantic City is recognized for its casinos and popular tourist spots, but it also deals with issues such as gambling addiction, poverty, and unemployment. These factors lead to an increased crime rate in the city, ranking it as one of the most unsafe cities in NJ.

Asbury Park

  • Violent Crime Rate: 1,226/100k people
  • Property Crime Rate: 3,424/100k people
  • Total Crimes Reported: 4,651/100k people

Asbury Park, a coastal city in Monmouth County, has experienced several revitalization projects in recent times. Even with these improvements, the city still faces issues with drug-related crimes and property offenses, making it one of the more unsafe cities in NJ.

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  • Violent Crime Rate: 989/100k people
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,490/100k people
  • Total Crimes Reported: 2,479/100k people

Paterson, New Jersey is recognized for its extensive industrial past as the third-largest city in the state. Nevertheless, it encounters various obstacles, such as high crime rates. Some parts of the city experience high rates of property crimes and violent offenses. Crime problems are influenced by factors like poverty, unemployment, and a relatively high population density.

Penns Grove

  • Violent Crime Rate: 1,123/100k people
  • Property Crime Rate: 4,215/100k people
  • Total Crimes Reported: 5,338/100k people

Penns Grove, a small town in Salem County, New Jersey, has a population of approximately 5,000 residents. Although not as big as other cities, it has dealt with its fair share of crime-related issues, leading to a reputation as one of the more dangerous areas in the state.


New Jersey, known as the “Garden State,” is known for its beautiful scenery and diverse communities. However, it also experiences high crime rates. The most dangerous cities in NJ include Camden, Trenton, Atlantic City, Asbury Park, Paterson, and Penns Grove. Camden faces socioeconomic issues like poverty and unemployment, while Trenton is known for its casinos and popular tourist spots. Asbury Park faces drug-related crimes and property offenses, while Paterson faces high crime rates due to its industrial past.

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