Most Dumbest Places In Tennessee For 2024 Has Been Revealed

The least intelligent places in Tennessee for 2024, according to Saturday Night Science, are La Follette and Pigeon Forge. Unfortunately, some areas in Tennessee have a higher percentage of people who did not complete high school.

Although the importance of attending college may be exaggerated, the truth is that not completing high school puts you at a significant disadvantage, on average. Measuring a person’s intelligence based on their educational attainment may not be the most accurate method, but it does provide some insight into their level of education. We will use Saturday Night Science to find out which areas in Tennessee have the highest proportion of adults who did not complete high school.

Dumbest Places In Tennessee

La Follette

Population: 7,349
% Adult High School Dropout: 23.0%
% Highly Educated: 5.0%

Pigeon Forge

Population: 6,345
% Adult High School Dropout: 27.0%
% Highly Educated: 10.0%


Population: 5,555
% Adult High School Dropout: 25.0%
% Highly Educated: 11.0%


Population: 23,676
% Adult High School Dropout: 21.0%
% Highly Educated: 12.0%


Population: 5,197
% Adult High School Dropout: 18.0%
% Highly Educated: 11.0%


Population: 7,794
% Adult High School Dropout: 20.0%
% Highly Educated: 12.0%


Population: 5,443
% Adult High School Dropout: 19.0%
% Highly Educated: 12.0%


Population: 6,850
% Adult High School Dropout: 17.0%
% Highly Educated: 12.0%

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Method to determine the dumbest cities in the Volunteer State

We understand that formal education is just one aspect of intelligence. However, not knowing the distinction between they’re, their, and there can make you appear unintelligent.

So, we used Saturday Night Science to make our criteria more specific. We focused on a city’s educational opportunities and the percentage of people who actually use those opportunities. Simply put, we have developed these criteria to identify the least intelligent cities in Tennessee:

  • % of the city’s population with less than a high school education (Age 25+)
  • % of city’s population with a college degree (Age 25+)

Our algorithm assigns a rank to each place in these categories. After analyzing all the data, here is a ranking of the cities in Tennessee from least intelligent to most intelligent.

We considered every city in Tennessee that has a population of at least 5,000 for this ranking. We have revised this article for 2024, marking our tenth edition of ranking the least intelligent cities in Tennessee.


Saturday Night Science has ranked the least intelligent places in Tennessee for 2024, revealing La Follette and Pigeon Forge as the most intelligent. These areas have a higher percentage of adults who did not complete high school, indicating a lack of education. The ranking is based on the percentage of the population with less than a high school education and college degree.

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