Most Famous Celebrities are Living in These States

Some states in the US are very attractive to celebrities who are searching for a place to live. This article provides a list of the states where you are most likely to find famous people, ranging from California to Utah.

Each state in the United States has its own unique attractions that appeal to celebrities. Whether it’s the glamour of Hollywood, the bustling vibes of New York City, or the scenic tranquility of Tennessee, there’s something for everyone. Here is a close examination of where stars choose to live and the reasons why they are drawn to these locations.

States Where Most Celebrities Live


It’s not surprising that California is the state where most celebrities live. If you are interested in pursuing a career in music, film, or any other unique field, California provides the best opportunities for those who want to live a glamorous lifestyle.

Many people in the entertainment industry choose to live in Los Angeles, particularly in the area known as Hollywood. However, there are other places that have also become popular among celebrities.

New York

Many celebrities and famous people choose to live in New York State as their second option. The main attraction of this state is New York City, which is also called the Big Apple. Why? Well, the main factors are the city’s reputation and the amenities it provides.

New York City is well-known for attracting celebrities, and it’s easy to see why. New York City is a popular choice for celebrities because it has connections to NYFW, is the birthplace of hip-hop, has art galleries, and many recording studios.

New Jersey

Some people might be surprised by this, to some extent. New Jersey may not always have a glamorous reputation, but it is still home to many celebrities. One of the main reasons people are attracted to it is because it is close to New York City. However, it also has its own famous people who live there.

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Texas used to be famous for its increasing number of celebrities, but that might change because of the current political situation. However, Texas does have a lot of enjoyable things to offer for celebrities, such as delicious barbecue, vibrant nightlife, and many friendly people.

This state is popular among Hollywood actors who want to take a break from the public eye, country music stars, and professional athletes. Because Texas is very passionate about football, it should not come as a surprise.


Some people, especially those in blue states, are often surprised to learn that Tennessee has its own group of celebrities who live there. Tennessee, just like Texas, is a popular place for actors, influential figures in conservative religious communities, country music stars, and reality TV show stars.

The majority of the excitement and commotion in Tennessee is centered around Memphis and Nashville, which are the two most vibrant cities for nightlife in the state. Recently, many artists have also chosen to live in the suburbs of these two cities.


Utah has a surprisingly active culture. That statement is true, especially when talking about the world of influencers and reality TV. There are many people and filming companies that now work in Salt Lake City.

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