Mystery Deepens Over Kansas City Men Found Dead in Friend's Frozen Backyard

According to Jordan Willis’s lawyer, on January 7, his client had four friends over to watch the Kansas City Chiefs win a football game on TV. After the game, Willis said goodbye to his guests and went to sleep. Sometime later, three of those men died in the garden in the cold without Willis knowing. Their bodies were found days later, but not by him.

Now, Willis has to deal with public attention and is “anxiously” waiting for the results of tests that are supposed to find out what substances may have been in the blood of his late friends and whether any of them had anything to do with their deaths, which seem to have been very strange.

In a statement sent to several news sources, Willis’s lawyer, John Picerno, said, “Jordan does not know how his friends died.” “Just like the rest of us, Jordan is eagerly awaiting the results of the toxicology and autopsy” tests that were done on his friends.

A lot of people on the internet have been saying bad things about Willis since his friends Clayton McGeeney, 36; David Harrington, 37; and Ricky Johnson, 38, were found dead in his backyard on January 9. Willis has also been questioned by the families of the men who died, who don’t believe he is telling the whole truth about what happened.

The bodies of McGeeney, Harrington, and Johnson were found two days after they went to Willis’s to watch the Chiefs beat the Chargers. Picerno says that Willis, who is 38 years old, went to bed while his three friends and a fourth guest stayed in his house. He wished them good night and went to sleep on a day when the temperature was only 29F.

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Picerno’s statement said that temperatures stayed below freezing for the next two days, during which time Willis worked from home and thought his friends had gotten away safely. Willis didn’t get any calls or texts from people looking for his friends during that time, Picerno said. His friends hadn’t been heard from since going to Willis’s house.

Mystery Deepens Over Kansas City Men Found Dead in Friend's Frozen Backyard

As reported by the Kansas City Star, Picerno said Willis did not see right away one direct message sent to him on social media about at least one of the disappearances. The statement said that Willis didn’t notice when some people came over looking for the men because he slept with earphones in and a loud fan on.

He said that Willis didn’t see the cars of two of the missing guys, even though they were parked on his street. He said that Willis would not have thought it was strange for his friends to leave their cars behind overnight even if he had.

People who knew Willis said he didn’t know his friends had died until the cops came to his door. The fiancée of McGeeney broke into Willis’s basement and found the body of a friend on his back porch, cops told reporters, as the Kansas City Star said. Police were called to Willis’s house and found the bodies of his two other friends.

Investigators say they didn’t see any clear signs of violence at or near Willis’s home. A Kansas City police captain told Fox News Digital that the case was not being treated as a triple murder. The police said they would need to see the results of autopsies and lab tests before they could say for sure what killed Harrington, McGeeney, and Johnson.

Some people think that Picerno’s client’s friends may have died of drug deaths. He told the New York Post, “There is a chance of everything.” The lawyer told KCTV that Willis had quit his job, moved out, and been off social media to grieve for Harrington, McGeeney, and Johnson.

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