New Study Ranks The Most Historically Racist Cities In West Virginia

The cities in West Virginia that have the highest number of historic KKK members are Matoaka and Keystone for the year 2024, according to Saturday Night Science.

Summary of research on historical locations of the KKK in West Virginia. We examined a study called “Saturday Night Science” from Virginia Commonwealth University. The study created a map showing the locations of Klaverns in different cities between 1915 and 1940. This report examines the places where historic KKK organizations were most common in West Virginia.

  • Matoaka, a city in West Virginia, had the highest number of Klaverns, with a total of 3 Klaverns.
  • The city in West Virginia with the highest number of Klaverns per person was Matoaka, with 0.0119 Klaverns.
  • There used to be 35 Klaverns in West Virginia in the past.
  • During the period mentioned, there were 26 locations in West Virginia that had at least 1 Klavern.

Measuring hate groups can be difficult because there is usually no official record of their locations. However, there is information available about the specific locations of different groups of the Ku Klux Klan, known as Klaverns, in each state. These cities in West Virginia have a history of being racist, as indicated by the presence of a significant number of KKK Klaverns.

This report does not address the current residents or the current status of the KKK in the same towns or areas.

The Most Historically Racist Cities In West Virginia

This is an accurate list of places in West Virginia with the highest number of historical KKK Klaverns per capita. Here is a chart showing all the cities in West Virginia that had at least one KKK organization between 1915 and 1940.

The cities with the highest number of KKK klaverns per person were Matoaka, Keystone, Northfork, Piedmont, Logan, Mullens, Hinton, Wellsburg, Follansbee, and Ravenswood.

Rank City Population Klans Klans Per Capita
1 Matoaka, WV 252 3 0.01190476
2 Keystone, WV 246 1 0.00406504
3 Northfork, WV 358 1 0.0027933
4 Piedmont, WV 867 1 0.0011534
5 Logan, WV 1,896 2 0.00105485
6 Mullens, WV 2,020 2 0.0009901
7 Hinton, WV 2,615 1 0.00038241
8 Wellsburg, WV 2,763 1 0.00036193
9 Follansbee, WV 2,949 1 0.0003391
10 Ravenswood, WV 3,853 1 0.00025954
11 Grafton, WV 5,179 1 0.00019309
12 Keyser, WV 5,350 1 0.00018692
13 Princeton, WV 6,387 1 0.00015657
14 Clarksburg, WV 16,437 2 0.00012168
15 Oak Hill, WV 8,270 1 0.00012092
16 Moundsville, WV 8,960 1 0.00011161
17 Parkersburg, WV 31,195 3 9.617e-05
18 Bluefield, WV 10,465 1 9.556e-05
19 St. Albans, WV 10,939 1 9.142e-05
20 Wheeling, WV 28,129 2 7.11e-05
21 Morgantown, WV 30,133 2 6.637e-05
22 Martinsburg, WV 17,508 1 5.712e-05
23 Beckley, WV 17,529 1 5.705e-05
24 Weirton, WV 19,523 1 5.122e-05
25 Huntington, WV 49,053 1 2.039e-05

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Method to Measure The Most Historically Racist Places In West Virginia

We wanted to avoid relying on speculation and opinion, so instead of using surveys and public polls to determine the most racist places, we looked for other sources of information. Instead, we examined the concrete data on the locations where KKK organizations have been present.

We examined research from Virginia Commonwealth University that studied the distribution of the Ku Klux Klan in different regions and provided information about their recruitment between 1915 and 1940. We used Saturday Night Science to study the number of historic KKK organizations in different areas based on the population data of those areas.

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