New York Secret Nuclear Facility Now a Ghost Town of Tunnels

New York is well-known for its tall buildings, museums, and famous places, but did you know that it also has an abandoned underground facility that used to be a nuclear site? The facility in Clarksville used to be involved in the U.S. nuclear weapons program during the Cold War. This facility was one of 13 places where nuclear weapons were stored in the country. At one point, it held about one-third of all the nuclear weapons in the United States. The Soviet Union considered it a high-priority target and ranked it as the third most important site to destroy in the event of a nuclear war.

The story of Clarksville Base

The Clarksville Base was created in 1948 as a collaboration between the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP). The place was constructed on an old Army base that was previously used as a camp for prisoners of war during World War II. The base was split into two sections: the “Q” area, where the nuclear weapons were kept and put together, and the “A” area, where the administrative and support buildings were situated. The “Q” area was enclosed by two fences and had armed guards. It was also secured with alarms, cameras, and dogs. The “A” area was not as secure, but only authorized personnel were allowed to enter.

The base had both civilian and military workers. They had to follow strict rules and procedures to handle the nuclear weapons. They had to keep the base a secret and not reveal its existence or location, which was classified information. The workers lived in towns close by, like Clarksville and Hopkinsville, and traveled to the base every day.

The base was active for 20 years, from 1948 to 1968. During that time, it stored and put together different kinds of nuclear weapons, like bombs, warheads, and missiles. Some of the weapons were moved to different locations to be used, while others were kept in storage. The base also checked, fixed, and tested the weapons.

The Clarksville Base Closure and Abandonment

In the late 1960s, the U.S. government made a decision to bring together and decrease its collection of nuclear weapons. This was because of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks. Clarksville Base was chosen to be closed because it was considered outdated and unnecessary. The base was turned off in 1968, and the nuclear weapons were taken away and moved to different places. The base was later given to the Army, who used it for different things like training, storage, and getting rid of things. The Army destroyed some of the buildings and structures, and filled in some of the tunnels and bunkers.

However, the Army did not completely destroy or remove all the evidence of the base’s nuclear history. Most of the facilities and features of the base were not changed and are still there, including the fences, gates, signs, roads, and bridges. The tunnels and bunkers were sometimes accessible, but they were mostly empty and dark. The base turned into a deserted town with tunnels, which attracted people who were curious, adventurous, and interested in history.

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The history and future of Clarksville Base

The Clarksville Base is a special and interesting place that shows us a little bit about the history and hidden details of the Cold War period. This also serves as a reminder of how dangerous and challenging nuclear weapons are, and emphasizes the importance of peace and cooperation between countries. The base is now part of the Fort Campbell Military Reservation and is controlled by the Army. The Army wants to keep and fix up some of the old buildings and structures. They also want to let people visit the base for tours and learning. The Army also intends to clean up and secure the site, and make sure that no one can access it without permission or damage it. If you want to visit the base, you need permission and must follow the rules and regulations because it is a sensitive and restricted area.

Clarksville Base is a hidden nuclear facility in New York that is currently abandoned and consists of underground tunnels. The U.S. nuclear weapons program relied on it heavily and it was important for the Cold War. It is a valuable and interesting resource that holds historical and cultural significance. It should be protected and preserved for future generations.

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