North Carolina Becomes the Home of Abandoned Towns in US

North Carolina has a fascinating history, a diverse culture, and beautiful natural surroundings. Hidden within its secluded corners are enigmas and riddles yearning to be unraveled. One intriguing location is Portsmouth Village, a deserted town that hints at its past as a thriving seaport and fishing community on the Outer Banks. Today, it remains as a chilling reminder of the passage of time, with crumbling buildings, empty roads, and an unsettling quietness.

The Story of Portsmouth Village: A Journey Through Time

Portsmouth Village was established in 1753 by settlers from Ocracoke Island. It quickly became a bustling port for trade and fishing, with a population that grew to over 600 at its peak. With its range of amenities including a post office, school, church, general store, and a lifesaving station, this place played a crucial role in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Unfortunately, the village’s prosperity didn’t last long. The decline of Ocracoke Inlet was influenced by challenges such as its shifting nature and the disruptions caused by the Civil War. The region faced significant challenges due to frequent hurricanes, which caused extensive damage to buildings, crops, and the land.

Unraveling the Enigmatic Tales of Portsmouth Village

Although Portsmouth Village may appear abandoned, it is far from devoid of captivating tales. Its history is filled with legends, mysteries, and scandals:

  • The Portsmouth Bank Robbery: In 1917, a group of criminals carried out a robbery at the Portsmouth Bank. This incident led to a chase, which unfortunately resulted in the loss of one life and the capture of one of the robbers. Some people believe that the gang and the loot have disappeared, leading to speculation that they may still be hiding on the island.
  • The Portsmouth Cemetery is home to a collection of stories that are both tragic and fascinating. It contains approximately 200 marked graves, as well as several unmarked ones. These graves hold tales of unfortunate deaths caused by cannonballs, poisoning, and even shark attacks. According to locals, there are rumors of supernatural activity in the area.
  • The Portsmouth Ghost Ship: The Carroll A. Deering, a famous ghost ship, ran aground in 1921 without any crew or cargo. The fate of this entity remains unknown, as it is said to materialize on misty evenings, making its way towards the coastline.

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The Exciting Outlook for Portsmouth Village

Even though it’s a ghost town, Portsmouth Village is still deeply ingrained in people’s memories. Protected by the National Park Service and the Friends of Portsmouth Island, it is a part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Accessible to all, visitors have the opportunity to explore the remains of the village, its cemetery, and the beach. It is recommended to approach the situation with respect, caution, and curiosity. Portsmouth Village is a truly remarkable place, filled with fascinating history, intriguing mysteries, and breathtaking beauty. It’s a hidden gem just waiting to be explored and appreciated.


Portsmouth Village, a deserted town in North Carolina, has a rich history dating back to 1753. Established as a seaport and fishing community, it played a crucial role in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Despite its decay, the village is filled with legends, mysteries, and scandals, including the Portsmouth Bank Robbery, the Portsmouth Cemetery, and the Carroll A. Deering ghost ship. Despite its ghost status, Portsmouth Village remains accessible to visitors.

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