Northern California Lake Clash One Dead, Several Stabbed, Suspect Arrested

In relation to the deadly shooting that happened during a lakeside altercation in Northern California that also resulted in multiple stab wounds at a well-liked leisure area, a male suspect was taken into custody on Sunday.

The suspect, whose identity was withheld by the authorities, was one of two stabbing victims who were flown to a hospital following the altercation that occurred on Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of Lake Berryessa, a day-use area that is approximately 75 miles north of San Francisco and is popular for hiking, boating, swimming, and fishing.

Andres Fabian Sandoval Garcia, 39, of Vallejo, California, was identified as the deceased. Napa County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Henry Wofford announced on Sunday that the second victim who was transported by helicopter was released from the hospital.

Those who were hurt in the altercation drove themselves to the hospital.

According to Wofford, a deputy attending to a report discovered two groups involved in a significant altercation in separate areas of the parking lot. Although he attempted CPR on the shooting victim, he was unable to resuscitate him.

“There were people using broken bottles to stab others in this fight,” Wofford stated. “When (the deputy) got there he said the scene was very chaotic. There’s no way one deputy was going to keep that many people from fighting.”

Many of the combatants, according to Wofford, left before backup law enforcement officers could up, and contradictory accounts of what sparked the fight were given by some of the witnesses questioned, while silence was expressed by others.

According to Wofford, the initial deputy who arrived was preoccupied with the shooting victim and failed to ascertain the whole number of fighters.

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A growing number of witnesses are being questioned by investigators for information, particularly footage that could clarify the events and identify the person who started them.

After being released from the hospital, Wofford stated they are certain they have the alleged gunman on camera.

Situated east of some of the world-famous vineyards of Napa Valley, the rectangular Lake Berryessa is the county’s largest lake and draws over half a million people annually despite a history of drownings.

According to Wofford, the reservoir is family-friendly and usually well-liked by a variety of patrons, though occasionally there are problems with drunk boaters and illegal parking.

“We do not see brawls, we do not see people being murdered and stabbed on a regular basis out there,” he stated. “This is extremely rare.”


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