NYPD Hunts Multiple Suspects in Spree of NYC Laundromat Robberies

New York City police are actively searching for multiple suspects believed to be behind a series of daring laundromat robberies spanning several boroughs from March to July. The string of incidents has targeted businesses in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, totaling an alarming 41 robberies, according to NYPD reports.

The most recent robbery occurred at Susan Laundromat on June 24, located at 85-12 Grand Avenue in Queens. During this incident, three masked individuals forcibly entered the premises, making off with approximately $1,800 in cash and a payment machine. The suspects reportedly fled the scene in a vehicle sporting stolen license plates, indicative of a systematic and organized approach to their criminal activities.

These robberies typically occur during the late hours of the night or early morning, when businesses are less populated, and security measures may be more relaxed. Each instance involves three to four masked individuals working together to swiftly seize coin machines, merchandise, cash from registers, and other valuable property.

In response to the escalating frequency of these crimes, NYPD has escalated efforts to apprehend the perpetrators, releasing surveillance images captured during the June 24 incident. The images are intended to aid in identifying and locating the suspects who pose an ongoing threat to the safety and security of local businesses and communities.

Residents and business owners are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to authorities promptly. As investigations continue, NYPD remains committed to bringing those responsible to justice and curbing further incidents through heightened surveillance and community engagement initiatives.

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