One Michigan Store Has the So Big Cheese Wheel

In a world where size often takes center stage, a Michigan grocery store has taken things to the next level by offering a massive 4500-pound cheddar block for sale. Indeed, this cheese wheel is of such immense size that any attempt to pilfer it could result in a serious criminal offense!

The Cheese Challenge

Horrock’s Market in Battle Creek, Michigan, takes great pride in being the home of this massive cheese wheel. This one-year-old aged medium sharp cheddar is not just visually appealing, but also a delight for your taste buds. However, be cautious, as excessive indulgence may result in experiencing the unpleasant “Mickey sweats.”

The Cost

The price of this dairy giant is just as impressive as its size. The entire wheel comes with a hefty price tag of $26,955, priced at $5.99 per pound.

Wow, that’s definitely a substantial amount of cheeseburgers! As one clever commenter jokingly asked, “Hello, MSUFCU?” I would like to apply for a loan of $27,000. What is the reason? Alright, let me explain. I would like to purchase 4,500 lbs of cheese. I can’t explain why…”

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Not Just for Show

This cheese wheel may appear decorative, but it is indeed available for purchase. According to one employee, the price is around $1600 if you’re interested. It appears that the price can differ depending on the source.

The Cheese Heist

It’s quite fascinating that there have been cases where customers tried to make off with this enormous cheese wheel. One incident involved a woman’s attempt that resulted in a humorous pursuit, with security guards and managers attempting to corner her in the aisles. On another occasion, someone managed to successfully steal an item from one of the older stores.

Our Conclusion

If you have a passion for cheese or simply enjoy the extraordinary, this massive cheese wheel is sure to grab your interest. If you ever happen to be in Michigan, consider paying a visit to Horrock’s Market. Just a friendly reminder, if you’re thinking about taking the cheese wheel home, make sure you have a spacious car and enough money!

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