Only 2% Know that Georgia is Birthplace of Wine

A study conducted by Mortar Research for Tbilvino surveyed 2,000 drinkers and found that only 2% were aware that Georgia is the birthplace of wine. This is surprising considering that wine sales from the country have increased by 100% over the span of eight years.

It was found that less than one-third (29%) of people know that Georgia is a country in Europe, and nearly one-fifth (19%) mistakenly believe that it is located within Russia.

About 15% of people who drink thought that it was located in South America, and 1% believed it was in the Bermuda Triangle. 62% of people didn’t know that the capital of the country is Tbilisi.

The study found that 33% of people believed France was the top wine producer, while 27% thought it was Italy and another 27% thought it was Spain. Georgia claims to be the ‘official birthplace’ because there is evidence that some of its first wine was made around 8,000 BC.

The country says it has about 500 types of grapes that are native to the region. One of these is called Saperavi, which Tbilvino says is similar to the popular wine grape called Malbec. Last year, it sent out approximately 120 million bottles of wine from Georgia. The survey shows that about 11% of people in Britain have tasted wine from Georgia. Additionally, the survey found that 98% of wine drinkers are willing to try new types of wine.

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Tbilvino uses traditional wine-making methods, such as the qvevri method. This involves fermenting grape juice with the skins in clay pots that are buried in the ground. The producer explained that unlike wood, clay doesn’t add flavor, but it helps enhance the complexity of flavors and textures. It develops fruit aromas and tannins.

According to the study, only 19% of people who drink alcohol were aware that wine can be made using clay pots. George Margvelashvili, the person who started Tbilvino Wines, said that Saperavi wine was becoming popular among wine drinkers. He mentioned that their goal is to help people learn about and enjoy Georgian wines. He said: “We use traditional craft techniques along with a contemporary and dynamic mindset.” This helps us make unique wines that are attractive to people who want to try something new and different.

“Even though we don’t know much about the origin of Georgian wine, our sales in the UK show that wine drinkers are starting to become interested in it. We are proud to be leading this new trend in the UK.”

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