Our Experts Finds 5 Safest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn for You

Considering a move to New York City and seeking the safest neighborhood? Are you currently residing in the city and looking for a new place to settle down with your family? For many people, safety is a top concern, especially when looking for a good place to live in Brooklyn’s safest neighborhoods. Brooklyn is situated near Manhattan, making commuting quick if you work in Manhattan but need an affordable apartment. Brooklyn is a popular choice due to its more budget-friendly prices compared to other areas in the city.

How safe is Brooklyn?

It’s a common question for individuals unfamiliar with the borough. Brooklyn is not just attractive, but it’s also secure. We’ve put together a list of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. But first, let’s talk about the significance of knowing safe neighborhoods, which ones to steer clear of, and how to assess a neighborhood’s safety.

Top Safe Areas in Brooklyn

1. Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights is an ideal choice for individuals looking for affordable living options, including young professionals, students, and singles. Prospect Heights not only offers affordable living but also boasts a crime rate that is 71% lower than the national average, establishing it as one of the safest neighborhoods in New York.

Prospect Heights is filled with delightful local boutiques and inviting coffee shops and restaurants. Experience the urban vibe thanks to its close location to Park Slope.

2. Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge in Brooklyn is considered one of the safest neighborhoods, with a low rate of non-violent crimes at 5.9 per 1000 residents. Bay Ridge residents can easily use public transportation and benefit from well-lit streets. This community is known for its welcoming and sociable residents. It’s situated close to NYC’s Financial District, offering a convenient commute for those working in the area. Plenty of entertainment, dining, and leisure options are available.

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3. Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights, previously called Brooklyn Village, is a neighborhood with a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. In Brooklyn Heights, the crime rate is significantly lower than the city average, with around 21 non-violent crimes per 1000 residents. Many residents have spent their entire lives in the neighborhood, with some families residing there for multiple generations. Brooklyn Heights is famous for its safe environment, historic architecture, art galleries, and numerous churches in the area.

4. Williamsburg

Williamsburg, also known as “Little Berlin,” has a crime rate of 34 per 100,000 people and an incarceration rate of 305 per 100,000 people. Non-fatal assault involves bodily harm, wounding, and inflicting grievous harm. Williamsburg is one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Additionally, there is a lively nightlife scene and numerous modern art displays. This neighborhood is beloved in Brooklyn for its diverse population.

5. Park Slope

Park Slope is known for being one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Typically, there are just 12 non-violent crimes reported per 1000 individuals. The neighborhood is maintained nicely and has welcoming residents. Park Slope offers a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the busy streets of New York City. Park Slope offers a variety of attractions, including Prospect Park Zoo, Washington Park, Prospect Park, American History Workshop, and the Old Stone House of Brooklyn. It also offers a vibrant nightlife scene.

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