Our Latest Survey Finds Drunkest Cities In Vermont For 2024

We used Saturday Night Science to find out which cities in Vermont have the highest rates of alcohol consumption.

Is it a problem to be referred to as the city with the highest alcohol consumption in Vermont? I think the state’s motto should be “Small State. Big Beer.”

Here’s something interesting about Vermont: You are consuming a beverage. Many. Vermont is not as high on the list of alcohol consumption as New Hampshire and Delaware, but it still ranks 7th in the U.S. On average, each resident consumes about 26 beers per year.

Hey, we’re not criticising or forming opinions. What other activities are available in that location? It seems like you’re trying to make the most out of the situation.

How do you determine the amount of alcohol consumed in a city within a state? You can determine the popularity of drinking by looking at the number of places where alcohol is sold and how frequently people discuss drinking.

In addition, we thought it would be a good idea to include a stereotype. Research has shown that if one or both partners in a marriage have alcoholism, the chances of divorce are three times higher. By the way, Vermont has a divorce rate that is higher than average.

After studying cities in Vermont with a significant population, we have compiled a list of the places with the highest levels of alcohol consumption, known as The Drunkest Places in Vermont:

Drunkest Cities In Vermont For 2024


Population: 42,259
Divorce rate: 8.8%
Bars per capita: 6th
Liquor stores per capita: 6th


Population: 4,319
Divorce rate: 12.5%
Bars per capita: 1st
Liquor stores per capita: 1st


Population: 12,046
Divorce rate: 17%
Bars per capita: 7th
Liquor stores per capita: 7th


Population: 16,478
Divorce rate: 16%
Bars per capita: 9th
Liquor stores per capita: 6th


Population: 7,848
Divorce rate: 19.4%
Bars per capita: 12th
Liquor stores per capita: 17th

Bellows Falls

Population: 2,825
Divorce rate: 21%
Bars per capita: 9th
Liquor stores per capita: 14th


Population: 9,044
Divorce rate: 17%
Bars per capita: 6th
Liquor stores per capita: 6th


Population: 7,223
Divorce rate: 11.8%
Bars per capita: 10th
Liquor stores per capita: 19th

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What Drunken Criteria did We Use?

  • Number of bars and pubs per capita
  • Number of wineries per capita
  • Number of liquor stores per capita
  • Each city’s drunk related tweets within the last week
  • Each city’s divorce rate

We counted the total number of tweets that were sent from the general area of a city for tweets that had location information. #Drunk, #Party, #Beer, #Wine, and #Cocktails

Note: To ensure accurate data, we included places located within the city’s boundaries and those within a short driving distance.

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