Paul Ryan Claims He Will Not Vote for Donald Trump

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan reiterated his stance this week that he will not vote for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming November election. He restated his opposition to the former president just two months before Trump is scheduled to accept the Republican nomination in Milwaukee.

“I won’t vote for Trump in November,” Ryan told Yahoo Finance on Tuesday. “Character is very important to me, and this job requires a type of character that he simply doesn’t possess.”

Ryan stated that he would write in the name of another Republican, just as he had stated he would do in 2020.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network, he stated that he would not support Donald Trump if he were to become the Republican nominee for president. His words are a reaffirmation of those statements that he made before. When asked about Trump’s chances of becoming the nominee, Ryan stated that he did not believe he would be selected “because everyone knows we’ll lose the election if we nominate this guy again.”

Now, Trump has successfully won the Republican nomination and is going to have a rematch with President Joe Biden from the 2020 election. He is now showing even stronger support for Trump, just like other Republicans who initially opposed Trump’s candidacy, such as Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who have changed their minds and now endorse the former president.

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In recent years, Ryan has openly criticized Trump. Last year, he gave an interview to the Journal Sentinel where he said that Trump was responsible for the Republicans’ disappointing results in the 2022 midterm elections. These results gave them a small majority in the House, which has been hard to handle.

“We can have a country that is successful and does not have any debt in the future.” “We can improve upward mobility and redefine the American concept for the 21st century if we implement the appropriate policies,” Ryan stated to the Journal Sentinel during that period. “I don’t think we will achieve our goals if we continue to rely on a populist approach that is centered around personalities, which has consistently resulted in election losses for us over the past three cycles.”

In his speech on Tuesday at the 2024 Milken Institute Global Conference, Ryan expressed his disagreement with Biden’s policies and stated that he would prefer to write-in the name of another Republican candidate. “I don’t know who yet,” he said.

In Wisconsin, Biden and Trump are in a very close race. Last month, a poll conducted by Marquette University Law showed that Trump was ahead of Biden by a margin of 51% to 49% among both registered voters and likely voters. Both candidates have recently visited Wisconsin.

Trump held a rally in Waukesha last week while he was taking a break from his trial in New York regarding hush money. Biden is planning to visit Racine on Wednesday to showcase the growth of a Microsoft data center.

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