Pennsylvania Man Tried to Meet With Minor and Steals Officer’s Gun

A man from Pittsburgh is being charged with a serious crime for reportedly attempting to meet a young person and trying to take a gun from the police officer who apprehended him.

Adham Helmi, who is 22 years old, is being charged with a serious crime called statutory sexual assault. The police were told by a group called 814 Pred Hunters that he had been having sexual conversations with someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl, but it was actually a decoy. Helmi and the decoy had supposedly arranged to meet at a hotel on April 17 to engage in sexual activity.

Helmi sent the first message to the decoy in March. He asked her how she was and what she was looking for. According to the criminal complaint, during a different conversation, the decoy says she is 15 years old. Helmi responds by saying he is 23 years old and originally from Egypt.

On March 31, Helmi sent a message to the decoy asking if she had ever been in a relationship with older men. The decoy replied yes. Helmi then asked the decoy how old she was, and the decoy responded “32.” Then he asks, “Isn’t this against the law here?” I meant to say that you are 15 years old, not 18. Later in the conversation, Helmi supposedly asks to meet the decoy.

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According to the complaint, Helmi mentioned in another conversation that he wanted to meet the decoy and spend time together by drinking, smoking, and hanging out. He supposedly asked the decoy about her sexual preferences and mentioned that he could teach her some things when they meet up.

According to the complaint, Helmi informed the decoy that he checked the legal age for consent in Pennsylvania, which is 18. He then sent another message asking if she still wanted to have sex with him.

On April 17, Helmi came to meet with someone he thought was a decoy, but instead he was confronted by both the police and members of a group called 814 Pred Hunters. When the police approached, Helmi reportedly took hold of one of the officer’s guns and aimed it at the officer’s chest. There was a struggle over the gun, and the officer managed to take it from Helmi. During the fight, it is said that Helmi fired a single shot into the store nearby. There were no injuries.

Helmi is currently being charged with several serious crimes, including statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, disarming a law enforcement officer, and other related charges. He is currently in jail at Jefferson County Prison because he couldn’t pay his bail of $200,000.

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