Pennsylvania Small Town Becomes 3rd Most Dangerous City in State

It’s always fascinating to see which cities are considered safe and dangerous in the United States. It can also be useful if you are planning a large move. There is a new study that identifies a city in Pennsylvania as one of the “FBI’s most dangerous cities” in the Northeast.

The new study is from They say, “Get ready because we’re going to examine the places that are known for having high crime rates.” These cities have earned their spots on the list due to issues like gang violence and high levels of property crime. Oh no.

Before we start talking about our region, let’s take a look at some of the top-ranked items in this study. According to, Stockton, California is considered the most dangerous city in the West by the FBI. In the Midwest, St. Louis, Missouri holds this title, while in the South it is Baltimore, Maryland, and in the Northeast it is Hartford, Connecticut. According to this study, Detroit, Michigan is considered the most dangerous city in America.

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The study claims that the level of violent crime, which includes homicides, robberies, and aggravated assaults, is very high and concerning. “There are a lot of guns and gang activity in Detroit, which makes it a concerning place for personal safety.” Baltimore, Maryland is ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in America because it has a high number of homicides each year.

Which city in Pennsylvania is on the list of the “FBI’s most dangerous cities”? Philadelphia is the third most dangerous city in the Northeast. The most dangerous city in the Northeast is Harford, followed by Buffalo, New York, Philly, and Rochester, New York, which complete the top five. It’s helpful to know which cities have increasing or decreasing crime rates, but it’s important to remember that every city has both safe and unsafe areas. Therefore, do not remove these towns from your list just because of one study.

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