Pittsburgh Have Some Safest Neighborhoods to Live in 2024

Pittsburgh is renowned for its fascinating history, lively culture, and varied communities, making it a popular choice for residents. Residents prioritize safety, so it’s crucial to pinpoint the safest neighborhoods in the city. In 2023, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, considering crime rates, community involvement, and overall quality of life.

Is Pittsburgh safe after dark?

Pittsburgh is considered safe at night, particularly in the vicinity of Point State Park, the Cultural District, and the Strip District. Police officers frequently patrol these areas, and the high presence of people can discourage criminal activity.

How safe is it to live in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is considered safe in comparison to many other cities, and you should have no trouble walking around the city. Furthermore, Pittsburgh was ranked as the third “most secure” big city in the United States by Farmers Insurance.

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods with Low Crime Rates

Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh is known for being a very safe neighborhood with crime rates well below the national average. The inner region, Squirrel Hill North, is known for the lovely green spaces of Carnegie Mellon University and Chatham University.

Located just a short five-minute drive from the city center. It features tranquil residential areas filled with trees, a bustling commercial sector, renowned universities, and two expansive city parks.

Point Breeze

Point Bree­ze is known for its reputation as the second safest city in the area, offering a secure and welcoming environment for its 5,572 inhabitants. Crime rates in this area are 60% lower than the Pittsburgh average, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of its residents. Clayton, a historic mansion once owned by Henry Clay Frick, is a standout feature in the neighborhood, set within a 5.5-acre space, bringing cultural richness.

Furthermore, Point Breeze offers top-rated public schools like the Linden International Magnet for K-5 and Allderdice High School for grades 9-12, making it a great option for families looking for a calm and supportive community.

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Regent Square

Rege­nt Square is a small yet remarkable neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Known for its safety, the area has crime rates that are 60% lower than the city average. In 2017, Niche.com ranked Regent Square as the top neighborhood in Pittsburgh and the 17th best neighborhood in the United States, emphasizing its excellent livability.

Regent Square boasts wide streets, unique stores, and borders the expansive Frick Park despite its size. This neighborhood offers a median rent of $993, making it a budget-friendly and lively place to reside.


Shadyside is considered one of the top neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. The crime rate is 48% lower than the national average, making it safer than 97% of all neighborhoods in Pennsylvania. One distinguishing feature is the varied architectural landscape, with beautifully restored Victorian mansions blending seamlessly with modern homes and condos.

Those who love shopping will be thrilled by the many high-end stores and boutiques along the neighborhood’s three main streets: Walnut Street, Ellsworth Avenue, and S. Highland Avenue. Residents and visitors can easily access the Pittsburgh Regional Transit bus system for convenient transportation.

Highland Park

Highland Park, Pittsburgh, is ranked as the 5th safest neighborhood in the city, with a significantly low overall crime rate of 744 per 100,000 people—almost 68% lower than the Pennsylvania average of 1,762 per 100,000 people. Highland Park, with around 6,395 residents, was first developed as a “streetcar suburb,” allowing residents to easily access work and shopping in nearby East Liberty. Today, the neighborhood keeps its mainly residential feel, with bigger homes and more open layouts than other areas of the city.

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