Police Suspect Arrested: Woman killed and stuffed in a bag on NYC street

Authorities have made a significant breakthrough in the investigation into the tragic death of Yazmeen Williams, a 31-year-old resident of the Kips Bay neighborhood in Manhattan. Williams’ lifeless body was discovered with a gunshot wound to the head, wrapped in a plastic bag inside a sleeping bag at 207 East 27th St., near Third Avenue.

The grim discovery was made around 5 p.m. on a Friday, amidst a pile of garbage bags near a tailor shop. The scene, described as harrowing by law enforcement sources, suggested that Williams had been left there for some time before being found.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, surveillance footage captured a disturbing image of a man using an electric wheelchair to transport the bag containing Williams’ body. This footage became crucial in identifying and locating the suspect.

Community members played a pivotal role in the arrest, spotting the suspect at the nearby Straus Houses on Monday. They restrained him and promptly alerted the authorities, leading to a swift apprehension. Video footage from the scene showed a tense situation as police and medics had to shield the suspect from an angry crowd gathered at the housing complex.

The suspect, whose identity has not been publicly disclosed by authorities, was taken into custody amid emotional scenes involving Williams’ grieving family and outraged community members. Williams’ mother, Nicole Williams, expressed profound sorrow and anger, describing her daughter as a “young, beautiful girl” whose life was senselessly taken away.

“She didn’t deserve that. He’s scum,” Nicole Williams said of the suspect, reflecting the community’s shock and grief over the brutal nature of the crime.

Williams, who had recently secured a position at the New York City Housing Authority, was remembered fondly by her family as a caring individual with a promising future. Her sudden and tragic death has left a deep void in the neighborhood where she was well-known and respected.

In response to this tragedy, Williams’ family has initiated a GoFundMe campaign titled “Justice for Yazzy” to raise funds for her funeral expenses and to seek justice for her untimely death.

The motive behind Williams’ killing remains unclear as investigators continue their efforts to piece together the events leading up to her death. Family members, including Williams’ aunt Nisha Ramirez, emphasized her kind nature and questioned why anyone would want to harm her.

“We honestly don’t know who would hurt her,” Ramirez told PIX11 News. “She’s sweet. She’s a nice person, and she grew up here. We don’t know why someone would have a motive to do something to her.” As the investigation progresses, the community of Kips Bay mourns the loss of Yazmeen Williams while seeking answers and justice for her tragic death.

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