Reporter Sounds Alarm on 'troubling numbers' for President Biden in Latest Poll

Steve Kornacki from NBC News raised concerns about their recent poll results. He pointed out some worrying numbers for President Biden, who is currently behind former President Trump in important areas like mental and physical health.

According to a poll by NBC News, Trump is seen as better than Biden in handling a crisis, being competent and effective, dealing with inflation, having the necessary physical and mental health, and having a strong record as president.

“President Biden’s campaign pitch in 2020 was focused on being competent and effective,” said Kristen Welker, host of “Meet the Press.” Kornacki pointed out that in 2020, the situation was different: voters saw Biden as more competent and effective.

The survey showed that 47% of voters think that Trump is capable and successful, while only 36% have the same opinion about the president.

“Which president has a strong record?” And once again, Trump is ahead of Biden in that area. And once again, you need to mention this one as well. Important for both mental and physical well-being. We asked this question four years ago. It didn’t make a difference. Joe Biden now has a clear disadvantage. “These numbers are all concerning for Biden,” Kornacki said.

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Biden is ahead of Trump in two areas: his skill in uniting the country and his approach to handling abortion. However, Kornacki pointed out that many voters felt that neither candidate was superior to the other in terms of their ability to unite the country.

Welker and Kornacki mentioned the results of the poll about RFK Jr.’s position in the election. Some people think that Kennedy could harm Biden’s chances and help Trump win. According to the poll, if RFK Jr.’s name was included on the ballot, Biden would win the hypothetical match-up.

“According to Kornacki, the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is currently at 46-44,” he mentioned while discussing the results of their direct competition. “However, let’s see what happens when we include RFK’s name.” Out of nowhere, we now have a new person in charge. Joe Biden has 39% of the votes, Donald Trump has 37%, and Kennedy has 13%. In this scenario, Trump voters are switching to Kennedy more than twice as much as Biden voters.

Welker said that the results went against what most people expected. Kornacki compared how popular Biden is as president, with a job approval rating of 42%, to how popular past presidents were at the same point in their presidency. Biden’s approval rating of 42% is the lowest compared to recent presidencies, including Trump’s.

Kornacki also mentioned that voter interest in the 2024 election is the lowest it has been since NBC News began asking this question in 2008.

A recent Fox News Poll released on Thursday found that Biden and Trump are currently tied at 48% in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state. This suggests that the race will be very close.

A poll released in early April shows that Trump is currently ahead of Biden in North Carolina by a narrow margin of two percentage points.

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