Richest Areas to Live in Houston

Houston is a city with many differences. It has a lot of different types of people and many different neighborhoods. However, when it comes to wealth, there are a few specific areas that are particularly notable. These are the wealthiest neighborhoods in Houston, determined by the median value of homes:

Richest Neighborhoods In Houston

River Oaks

Located in the center of Houston, River Oaks is a symbol of luxury and sophisticated living. This fancy neighborhood covers more than 1,100 acres and combines both historical and modern elements. Houston’s richest area is commonly referred to as. The real estate in the neighborhood accurately represents its prestigious status. Property values in this area range from one million dollars to an incredible twenty million dollars, which shows that it is known as a place for wealthy people.


Montrose is a neighborhood in Houston that has a lot of history. It was created in 1911 and is known for being lively and full of energy. The city’s unique charm comes from its long history and vibrant present.

This area has a mix of different types of houses, including renovated mansions, cozy bungalows with spacious porches, and charming cottages along the tree-lined streets. Montrose is often called the “Heart of Houston” because it represents the city’s culture and spirit. The place effortlessly combines historic charm with modern style, making it a must-visit destination for those looking for sophistication.

Southside Place

Southside Place is a small and charming neighborhood located in Houston. It is popular among upper-middle and upper-class families who appreciate its vibrant atmosphere. It provides a peaceful getaway from busy city life, offering a nice mix of suburban comforts and city conveniences. The community enjoys the convenience of local amenities and services along Bellaire Boulevard.

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Afton Oaks

Afton Oaks is located under a calm group of trees. It is close to Houston’s best attractions and is a friendly neighborhood for its residents. This lovely community features charming single-story ranch homes that were built in the 1950s. These homes have a timeless appeal that combines well with modern amenities.


Timbergrove is well-known as one of the best places to live in Houston. It provides a mix of city and suburban vibes, accommodating different lifestyles. The neighborhood is known for its high quality of life and has luxurious homes that are both elegant and comfortable. The median price for homes in this area is $716,000.


Memorial is a lovely neighborhood in Houston that is named after the famous Memorial Drive. This beautiful road runs through the center of the neighborhood, creating a captivating view. This community effortlessly combines elegance and history with an average home price of $614,474. On Buffalo Bayou, there are beautiful areas with lots of trees that have different styles of buildings.

Here, you will find a significant presence of mid-century modern designs. However, it’s not just about the beautiful homes; Memorial offers a peaceful retreat thanks to its secluded subdivisions. Families looking for peace and quiet in the busy city can find comfort in this peaceful place.


Westchase is a lively business district and upscale neighborhood in the western part of Houston. It is well-known for its sophisticated atmosphere. Many people consider it one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Houston. It combines commercial and residential areas seamlessly.

The modern buildings that make up its impressive skyline demonstrate the city’s strong economy. There are more than 1,500 businesses in Westchase, many of which are connected to the petroleum industry. This helps establish Houston as a global capital.

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