Road Rage Violence Victims in North Texas Call for Justice

A road rage incident with a gun in Fort Worth brought back haunting memories for a couple who had a similar experience. The couple from Watauga mentioned that they were deeply affected by what occurred on the freeway in Fort Worth and felt justice was never served.

When a man in North Texas faced a gun threat on Interstate 820 in Fort Worth due to road rage last week, Donna and Norman Armstrong found the video highly relatable. Armstrong commented on the gentleman’s experience with the other driver.

Four years ago, the Armstrongs experienced a frightening incident of road rage on 820. Kristian Tyerone Smith was arrested for firing at the Armstrongs in their SUV and approaching them with a knife.

Back then, I assumed he was heading towards the passenger side, but he surprised us with a knife and punctured one of our tires. The Armstrongs anticipated that Smith would be incarcerated for his actions. However, he ultimately pleaded guilty to a class C misdemeanor of malicious mischief.

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“I did.” I have completed it. I thought he would end up in jail. “I believe he was determined to harm us, if not kill us.” One year later, Smith was arrested for murder in Desoto and is currently awaiting trial while out on bond with an ankle monitor.

These road rage victims are questioning if Texas takes the crime seriously enough. Forbes magazine recently ranked it as the 9th worst state in the country for road rage.

“I believe that individuals who commit violent acts should be held accountable and face consequences to prevent future incidents.” According to the Tarrant County DA’s office, seeking justice for the Armstrongs poses a challenge similar to that faced by many other victims of road rage: a dynamic crime scene and uncertain witnesses.

The Armstrongs are advocating for road rage involving violence to be designated as a distinct crime in Texas. This would simplify the prosecution process for law enforcement and potentially deter drivers from engaging in such behavior.

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