Sandy Hook Family Urge the Judge to Dissolve Alex Jones' Media Company

The family members of the victims from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting are requesting a bankruptcy judge to sell off conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ media company, which includes Infowars. They want this to happen instead of allowing him to restructure his business, as they are trying to collect $1.5 billion from lawsuit verdicts against him.

Lawyers representing the families have submitted an urgent request to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Houston. They argue that Free Speech Systems has no chance of having their reorganization plan approved by the court. The lawyers also claim that Free Speech Systems has not shown any signs of being able to address the legal claims made against them. These claims are related to Alex Jones calling the 2012 school shooting a hoax.

A court session was planned for Monday to discuss Free Speech Systems’ bankruptcy case. The session is focused on a disagreement about the company’s finances.

Jones recently appeared on his web and radio show, where he claimed that there was a conspiracy against him. He expressed his belief that Infowars would be forced to close within the next month or two due to the bankruptcy court filings made by the families involved. The comments contained strong language and angry outbursts, and Jones seemed to cry at times.

“There’s no way to escape from this,” Jones said on his show Sunday. “I’m currently in a bunker.” And don’t be concerned. I will return. The enemy is unable to resist performing this attack.

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On Saturday, Jones was determined and confident, stating “Ultimately, we will defeat these individuals.” I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but it has been a difficult struggle. These people strongly dislike our children.

A lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy for Free Speech Systems did not respond to a message asking for a comment on Monday.

Liquidation means that Jones, who is located in Austin, Texas, would have to sell most of his possessions, including his company and its assets. However, he would be allowed to keep his home and other personal belongings that are protected from bankruptcy liquidation. The money would be given to the people he owes money to, including the families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. Currently, there is no agreement or court ruling on the process of liquidation in Jones’ cases.

Jones and Free Speech Systems both declared bankruptcy for reorganization after the families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy won lawsuits in Texas and Connecticut. The lawsuits accused Jones of spreading false information and causing emotional harm. Jones claimed on his show that the tragic school shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 20 first graders and six educators, was actually planned by crisis actors. He suggested that this was done to support the implementation of stricter gun control laws.

Jones’ lawyers and the attorneys for the Sandy Hook families have been unable to come to an agreement on how to resolve the bankruptcy cases for several months. Jones’ lawyer recently stated in court that it seems likely the cases will either be resolved through liquidation or withdrawn. The emergency motion was filed on Sunday in the case of Free Speech System.

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