Secret Service Agent Assigned to Kamala Harris Shows "Distressing Behavior"

An agent from the U.S. Secret Service who was assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris showed concerning behavior on Monday morning at Joint Base Andrews. The agent was taken to the hospital, according to authorities. Harris was not at the airbase when it happened.

The U.S. Secret Service provided a statement to CBS News saying that on Monday at around 9 a.m. local time, an agent started behaving in a way that worried their colleagues. The agent was taken off their assignment and medical personnel were called for help.

According to two sources who were informed about the situation, an agent at CBS News was speaking in a way that didn’t make sense, was not speaking clearly, and caused another officer to react physically.

According to sources, the agent in question shoved the special agent in charge while they were near the lounge of Joint Base Andrews.

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Harris was at the Naval Observatory when the incident occurred, according to the USSS. However, the incident did not affect her departure from Joint Base Andrews. According to sources, it happened about one hour before Harris arrived at the airbase to catch a flight to Wisconsin.

According to sources, other Secret Service agents quickly handcuffed and detained the agent, while ambulances were called to the scene. The agent was admitted to a hospital after an initial medical evaluation, according to sources. They added that there was no evidence of substance use at that time.

The USSS is currently waiting for more information before taking any further action, according to the sources. Once the agent gets more medical care and is evaluated again, it will be decided if they can go back to work. Sources explained that an internal review will take place, and the USSS will evaluate whether the agent’s top secret security clearance will be revoked due to medical or disciplinary reasons.

The sources also revealed that, currently, this is being considered as a medical incident rather than a disciplinary issue, because the agent clearly showed signs of mental health challenges.

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