Home Us News Significant U.S. airline is prone to declare bankruptcy and liquidate, Analyst says

Significant U.S. airline is prone to declare bankruptcy and liquidate, Analyst says

Significant U.S. airline is prone to declare bankruptcy and liquidate, Analyst says

The aviation industry in the United States is facing a significant challenge with the news of a major airline on the brink of bankruptcy and liquidation. This blog post delves into the recent developments concerning Spirit Airlines, which is currently grappling with severe financial difficulties.

The Precipitating Factors

Spirit Airlines, an ultra-low-cost carrier, has been struggling to achieve sustainable profitability due to escalating operating costs and persistent supply-chain issues. These challenges have intensified concerns about the airline’s ability to repay its maturing debt next year.

In an effort to address its financial woes, the airline recently completed a series of sale and leaseback transactions for dozens of planes, generating approximately $465 million to repay debt on these jets. However, despite these efforts, the recovery of earnings remains elusive.

The Blocked Merger and Its Consequences

A pivotal event in Spirit’s recent history was the federal judge’s decision to block its $3.8 billion merger deal with JetBlue Airways. This ruling has left Spirit Airlines with limited options for its future, including the pursuit of another buyer or additional ways to shore up its finances. The blocked merger has significantly impacted Spirit’s stock value, with shares plunging 47% following the court’s ruling.

The Prospect of Bankruptcy and Liquidation

Analysts, including Helane Becker from TD Cowen, suggest that a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, followed by liquidation, appears increasingly likely for Spirit Airlines. This scenario is deemed more probable than finding another buyer. Such a filing would allow Spirit to reorganize its balance sheet and emerge as a financially stronger entity. However, the reality of limited restructuring scenarios is stark, and the airline is expected to continue cash burn in the coming years, necessitating further capital raising to survive.

Operational Challenges

In addition to financial difficulties, Spirit Airlines faces operational hurdles, particularly with its Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan (GTF) engines. As the largest operator of GTF-powered aircraft in the U.S., Spirit had to ground a number of planes last year, with the number of grounded planes expected to rise steadily throughout 2024.

The Competition and Market Dynamics

Spirit Airlines operates in a highly competitive industry, where excess capacity in key markets undermines its pricing power. To attract passengers, the airline has resorted to promotional activities and steep discounting, further straining its financial position. This competitive environment, coupled with operational challenges, has led analysts to downgrade the company’s shares, citing the absence of a credible path to profitability.

Looking Ahead: Potential Outcomes

The future of Spirit Airlines is uncertain, with several potential paths ahead. These include a possible bid from rival Frontier Airlines, which had previously lost out in a bidding war. However, the airline must also consider how to address the U.S. Justice Department’s competition concerns that arose from the JetBlue deal.

The ultimate outcome for Spirit Airlines remains to be seen, but the situation underscores the volatile nature of the airline industry and the challenges of maintaining profitability in a highly competitive and dynamic market.


The situation facing Spirit Airlines is a clear indicator of the challenges inherent in the airline industry. The combination of financial, operational, and competitive pressures can quickly alter the fortunes of even well-established carriers. As Spirit Airlines navigates these turbulent times, its decisions and the resulting outcomes will be closely watched by industry observers and will likely have broader implications for the aviation sector in the United States.

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