Skip These Texas Worst Places to Live in 2024

Texas is a state with large open spaces and exciting cities that attracts people looking for an energetic place to live. However, in this large state, certain communities encounter obstacles that can affect the everyday lives of its residents. Here are some of the least desirable places to live in Texas in 2024. It’s important to remember that these challenges don’t show the whole picture of Texas.

The state has a strong sense of community and resilience, and is actively working to overcome these obstacles. We will examine the challenges faced by these communities in terms of their economy and social issues. Additionally, we will highlight the ongoing efforts to revive and improve these areas. Our goal is to present a fair and comprehensive view of these Texas locations.

Some communities are facing economic difficulties, but there are ongoing efforts to address and overcome these challenges. The fact that some regions have high unemployment and poverty rates shows that we need to work together to create better economic opportunities. The video shown below discusses some of the towns in Texas that are considered to be the worst.

Worst Places to Live in Texas in 2024


This town near Dallas is not doing well economically. It has a poverty rate of 35%, which means that a lot of people are struggling financially. The unemployment rate is also high at 8.3%, which means that many people are unable to find jobs. Additionally, the crime rate is 60% higher than the national average, indicating that there is a lot of criminal activity happening in the town. The quality of education and housing is also low, which makes it a bad place to live.


Robstown is a small town near Corpus Christi that mainly focuses on agriculture, particularly crop harvesting jobs. Almost 40% of the population lives in poverty and doesn’t have enough resources to improve their situation. Public schools do not have enough money and their test scores are very low. The rate of violent crime is also about three times higher than the average.

This town says it is where Texas hold ’em poker was born, but it also has many issues. The poverty rate in this area is 32%, which means that a large percentage of the population is living in poverty. The unemployment rate is also high at 11.8%, indicating that many people are currently without jobs. Additionally, the median home value is relatively low at $76,300. It has a low ranking in education, health, and environment.

San Benito

San Benito, located near the Mexico border and the Rio Grande Valley, has a high poverty rate of 30% among households. The incomes in the area are below average and the schools are not well-equipped. Additionally, the crime rates in San Benito are more than double the rates in the rest of the state. The cost of living here is relatively low, but economic opportunities and quality of life measures are not as good as in most of Texas.

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Port Arthur

Port Arthur is located on the Sabine Lake, between Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. This area has been heavily affected by crime, poverty, deteriorating infrastructure, and the long-term consequences of frequent hurricanes and tropical storms. Almost one out of every three people who live in the city are considered to be living below the poverty line. This is happening because the city’s population is decreasing and there is less money coming in from taxes.


This town, which is not connected to the one in Ohio, has a high poverty rate. The median household income of households in Cleveland was $46,875 in 2022. However, 10.0% of families in Cleveland live in poverty. The crime rate in Cleveland, Texas is much higher than the average crime rate in the whole country. The rate of violent crime in Cleveland is 47.1, which is almost twice as high as the national average of 22.7.


The city of Killeen has a high rate of violent crime, even though it is known for producing stars like Ne-Yo and Clayton Kershaw. According to poverty status, 15.7% of the population in Killeen, TX, which is about 23,500 individuals out of a total of 149,000 people, face economic challenges. This number is higher than the average for the whole country, which is 12.6%. It shows that there is more poverty in this community compared to the rest of the country.

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