Squatters Take Over $2 Million Home in New York

There has been a lot of news about housing in the Empire State recently. The topic of safe and affordable housing in New York is currently being discussed due to the migrant crisis in New York City and the record increases in home prices and rent levels in many areas of the state.

There is a problem in the news where squatters are occupying vacant houses throughout the state. This problem is not only happening in urban areas of the state, but also in communities all over New York. People are taking over properties that they may not have a legal right to.

The question of whether squatters have more rights than homeowners has been asked many times before. Recently, there has been an increase in cases where people who may not have the right to be in a home are taking possession of it. A few months ago, a homeowner in Queens, New York, was arrested. She had tried to remove people who she believed had taken over her parent’s empty home after her parents passed away.

There is currently a homeowner in Douglaston, New York who is having difficulty getting rid of squatters from their $2 million home.

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Joseph and Susana Landa bought a home in New York City for their family, including their son who has Down Syndrome. They spent $2 million on the house. They only discovered that someone had been living in the property without paying rent since the previous owner died after they closed on the property.

New York City has laws that are very friendly towards renters. If someone lives in a property for more than 30 days, they have tenant rights, even if they are not there legally. The Landas now have to go to court to evict the squatter.

Due to the increase in squatting throughout the state, lawmakers in the New York State Legislature are considering changes to renter laws that could make it simpler for property owners to regain their properties from squatters.

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