Study Revealed the Evergreen Coolest US Streets to Travel in 2024

Time Out ranks the best cities in the world every year. In 2024, they are ranking the coolest streets in the world, and streets in five U.S. cities have been included. However, these spots are not the ones we were expecting (apologies, Fifth Avenue).

“These streets have a unique charm and a strong sense of community. They are where locals who are familiar with the area go to socialize, eat, drink, dance, and shop,” said Grace Beard, Time Out’s travel editor, during an interview. “This is a complete guide to the most interesting parts of the world’s most exciting cities, for travelers who want to experience the local culture during their next city trip.”

The United States had the most streets on this list, with a total of five. “It’s impressive that five streets in the U.S. made it to this year’s list of the World’s Coolest Streets. This shows the strong community resilience found across America at the moment,” said Will Gleason, Time Out’s content director of the Americas, during an interview. “Residential and mixed-use areas are doing well because they have independent stores, unique restaurants and bars, places for people to gather, and environmentally friendly projects. Meanwhile, central business districts are still adjusting to the new way of working that combines remote and in-person work.”

US Coolest Streets for 2024

East Eleventh – Austin, Texas

East Eleventh Street is just as cool as the city of Austin itself. It is filled with fantastic places to eat, experience culture, enjoy music, and much more. A few of the highlights mentioned by Gleason include buying locally designed dress boots from Helm, trying the game-changing brisket at Franklin Barbecue, enjoying a bacon, egg, and pimento cheeseburger at Paperboy rooftop brunch spot, visiting the speakeasy called Busy Signal, relaxing in a reading room with books and wine at Vintage Bookstore and Wine Bar, and watching a band perform at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard.

Fifth Avenue – Brooklyn, New York

The other Fifth Avenue in New York City has existed for a long time. The city made it onto the list for 2024 because of its festivals, restaurants, and shops. A few notable places include The Ripped Bodice bookstore, Honeycomb Hi-Fi Lounge, the Sip N Play board game cafe, and Miatzil. These new establishments are bringing new energy to the area and making it more difficult to overlook this hidden gem,” says Weaver.

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East 3rd Street – Los Angeles, California

“According to Michael Juliano, editor of Time Out Los Angeles, the Arts District’s section of 3rd Street is a great place to enjoy high-quality sushi at 715 or play pinball at EightyTwo. It’s also a good idea to visit the Over the Influence gallery before grabbing a beer and a brat at Wurstküche.”

Bucareli – Mexico City, Mexico

Cris Winters wrote in the report that this street has a lot of bohemian charm, similar to Colonia Juárez, but it is a bit closer to Mexico City’s historic center.

18th Street – Chicago, Illinois

“According to Jeffy Mai, editor of Time Out Chicago, 18th Street is the busiest street in the South Side neighborhood. It is filled with businesses, art galleries, and many other attractions,” stated in the report.

Miracle Mile – Miami, Florida

“Coral Gables’ downtown area is centered around Miracle Mile, a street lined with palm and oak trees. Here, you can find many independent shops and some of Miami’s top restaurants, some of which have recently been recognized by the Michelin Guide,” stated Falyn Wood, editor of Time Out Miami, in the report.

L.P. Leviste Street – Manila, Philippines

This relaxed area is filled with coffee shops, secondhand stores, and independent places to eat and drink. “According to Bianca Salonga, a contributor for Time Out based in Manila, there is a specific reason why this street is highly desired in Manila,” wrote Salonga in the report.

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