Study Reveals the Drunkest Cities In Pennsylvania For 2024

Using Saturday Night Science, we identified Pennsylvania’s most inebriated cities.

Is it improper for your city to have earned the title of “most inebriated” in your state?

Particularly in Pennsylvania, which annually consumes the 16th least amount of beer and spirits. I take it that someone needs to take up the slack? And these cities below, boy do they.

How much alcohol does an establishment serve? That’s determined by how many locations there are to buy alcohol and by how frequently individuals discuss drinking.

Furthermore, we reasoned, why not include a stereotype? You see, alcohol is one of the reasons for divorce, and those who have recently separated often indulge in it.

With those parameters, it’s easy to scrape the web, do some statistical analysis on potential Pennsylvanian residences for partygoers, and then compile a list.

The following list of Pennsylvania’s Drunkest Cities was created after examining all cities with a respectable population:

It turns out that a large number of these are Pennsylvanian little cities with lots of taverns in town or close by, and where the divorce rate is greater than usual. According to studies, a married pair is three times more likely to file for divorce if one or both of them are alcoholics. See how your community fared by reading on.

Drunkest Cities In Pennsylvania For 2024


Population: 5,334
Divorce rate: 15.1%
Bars per capita: 4th in PA
Liquor stores per capita: 4th


Population: 6,203
Divorce rate: 15.4%
Bars per capita: 23rd in the state
Liquor stores per capita: 25th


Population: 10,424
Divorce rate: 15%
Bars per capita: 31st
Liquor stores per capita: 13th


Population: 20,976
Divorce rate: 15.6%
Bars per capita: 13th in PA
Liquor stores per capita: 25th


Population: 49,401
Divorce rate: 12.9%
Bars per capita: 7th
Liquor stores per capita: 18th


Population: 8,831
Divorce rate: 11.6%
Bars per capita: 2nd in PA
Liquor stores per capita: 15th


Population: 14,881
Divorce rate: 11.5%
Bars per capita: 3rd in PA
Liquor stores per capita: 10th


Population: 5,623
Divorce rate: 16%
Bars per capita: 1st in PA
Liquor stores per capita: 61st


Population: 7,965
Divorce rate: 13%
Liquor store per capita: 26th
Bars per capita: 30th

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What drunken criteria did we use?

We needed to figure out what characteristics make someone a heavy drinker before we could rank Pennsylvania’s drunkest cities.

To achieve the greatest and most comprehensive findings possible, we applied a lot of criteria to this one. These were the standards we applied, utilizing Sperling’s Best Places and Yelp:

  • Number of bars and pubs per capita
  • Number of wineries per capita
  • Number of liquor stores per capita
  • Each city’s drunk related tweets within the last week
  • Each city’s divorce rate

In the case of geo-located tweets, we counted the total number of tweets originating from a certain city: #Intoxicated, #Party, #Wine, #Beer, and #Cocktails

Note: We counted locations that were both within a city’s borders and within a short driving distance in order to obtain accurate counts.

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