Surprising Cities Become the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami

Miami is a city that is considered to be relatively safe when compared to other cities of similar size. However, there are certain areas and neighborhoods in Miami that are considered unsafe and should be avoided. Continue reading to find out which neighborhoods in Miami are considered the most dangerous.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami

Model City

The neighborhood in Miami that is considered the most dangerous is called Model City. The population of this neighborhood is 25,023. It is widely known as the most dangerous area in Miami when it comes to violent crime. The area is in the Northwest part of the city. There are a lot of violent crimes there, and many of them are related to the drug trade. There is a lot of gun violence, burglaries, robberies, and drive-by shootings happening in Model City. The number of murders has been consistently increasing each year, and it rose by 40% from 2011 to 2013.


This neighborhood has a population of 9,640 people and is one of the most important historic neighborhoods in Miami. Crime is still a problem in the residential part of Overtown, despite the presence of an active police force. The most commonly reported crimes in Overtown are drug trafficking, assaults, and shootings. In 2020, the number of violent crimes in Overtown was 124% higher than the national average.


The downtown area of Miami is known for having a high level of violence. The population in Downtown Miami is 30,500 people. The violent crime rate there is 186% higher than the national average. In 2022, residents have a 10% chance of experiencing any type of crime and a 1.2% chance of experiencing a violent crime. If you want to explore downtown, it’s best to do so during the daytime when you can walk around or ride a bike.

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Allapattah has a population of approximately 48,221 people. It is situated to the north of downtown. This place used to be a village where only people from the Dominican Republic lived, but now it has a mix of different people from various backgrounds. While Allapattah doesn’t have a high level of crime overall, there are some areas within the neighborhood that do have higher crime rates. Regrettably, there are incidents of shootings in Allapattah, which negatively affects its reputation in Miami. Crime rates are 125% higher than the national average, despite the fact that there are many police officers in the area.

Little Haiti

Little Haiti has a population of about 29,760 people. It is situated to the north of Downtown Miami. This city was first settled by Haitian immigrants and other people from the Caribbean. It is commonly known as Lemon City. Little Haiti has a strong Hispanic heritage, but unfortunately, there is also a significant issue with crime in the community. There are frequent incidents of shootings, assaults, and other violent acts in Little Haiti.


Wynwood has a population of about 17,923 people. It is situated to the north of Miami and to the south of the Design District of Little Haiti. Property crime is a frequent occurrence, with car theft, vandalism, assault, and other types of theft being common. This neighborhood is safer than 23% of Miami neighborhoods in Florida. However, the violent crime rate is 285% higher than the national average.

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