Tennessee One of the Most Haunted Caves in the Country Reopens for Tours in May

Caves are usually dark, cold, and damp, which can make them already unsettling places. But when you add in a well-known haunting, it can make a cave feel even more creepy.

Most Haunted Caves in the Country

Exploring a cave can be really cool, but it can also feel unsettling to be inside one. When you enter a cave, it can feel unsettling because they are usually cold, damp, and dark. Exploring a cave on a guided tour can still feel a bit spooky. Now, consider the fact that numerous caves across the United States have frightening legends associated with them. This combination sets the stage for a thrilling and spine-chilling adventure. Take a look at this list of the most haunted caves in the country from Love to Know, and also check out this one from Sierra Club. Both lists include their own version of the most haunted cave in the country, and one cave in Tennessee is featured on both lists.

Tennesee’s Bell Witch Cave

The city of Adams is located about 40 minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Adams is famous for a haunting that has been around for over 200 years. The legend is about the Bell Witch and the trouble she caused for a family in Tennessee. According to a legend, people say that she still haunts the cave nearby.

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The Legend of the Bell Witch

The Bell Witch Cave is believed to be home to the notorious Bell Witch, a ghost that caused trouble for a farmer and his family in the early 1800s. According to the legend of the Bell Witch, she promised to come back to the area. Many locals and paranormal investigators believe that she has indeed kept her promise and returned.

According to a legend, a farmer named John Bell and his family were haunted by a supernatural entity known as the Bell Witch for many years at their home in Tennessee. According to the legend, she was blamed for John Bell’s death, which made Tennessee the only state to officially acknowledge a death caused by supernatural forces. The Bell Witch Cave has attracted many curious tourists over the years and offers different tour options for those who are brave enough. Even the TV show Ghost Adventures has visited Tennessee to try and see the Bell Witch.

Bell Witch Cave Soon Opens

If you’re interested in the story of the Bell Witch and the concept of a cave that is believed to be haunted, then you’ll be excited to know that the Bell Witch Cave will be opening for the season on May 4th. The Bell Witch Cave will be open on weekends throughout the summer, starting from May 4th.

  • Open 10am-5pm on weekends (Sat/Sun) in May.  Last tour starts at 5pm.
  • Open 10am-5pm Wed-Sun in June, July, and August.
  • Open 10am-5pm Fri-Sun in September until the 27th.
  • Sept. 29th-Oct 31st-See “October at the BWC’ under ‘Plan Your Visit’ for hours.

The Bell Witch Cave provides guided tours and lantern tours. They also organize various fun events throughout the year for people to come and enjoy. To find out more about the Bell Witch Cave and the events happening in the upcoming season, click here.

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