Texas City Again Becomes the Most Corrupt City of America

Texas is well-known for its large size, interesting history, lively culture, strong economy, and ever-changing political scene. Yet, Texas also struggles with a less positive image: corruption. According to a recent report by the Center for Public Integrity, Texas has been ranked as the most corrupt state in the country. The ranking was based on factors such as government accountability, transparency, and ethical standards. One city in Texas, Hutchins, is known for its corruption.

Located in Dallas County, Hutchins has around 6,000 residents. Known for housing Hutchins State Jail, a medium-security correctional facility with approximately 2,000 inmates, the city is most famous for its local government. Throughout the last ten years, Hutchins has faced a series of scandals, investigations, arrests, and convictions related to elected officials, city employees, and contractors. Here are some clear examples showing corruption in Hutchins:

The Mayor’s Alleged Corruption

In 2019, Mayor Artis Johnson received a four-year federal prison sentence for taking bribes from a contractor responsible for fixing the city’s water system. Johnson confessed to accepting $18,000 in cash, a $12,000 Rolex watch, and a $10,000 trip to Las Vegas in return for granting the contract, resulting in the city being overcharged by over $300,000. He admitted to using his power to help the contractor get more contracts and lying to the FBI.

Embezzlement by the City Manager

In 2020, City Manager Carl Sherman Jr. was indicted on ten counts of theft and fraud for allegedly embezzling more than $500,000 from the city. Sherman Jr. is accused of using his position to move city funds to personal accounts, pay personal expenses, and make unauthorized purchases with city credit cards. His activities were further hidden by falsifying city records and receipts.

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Police Chief’s Wrongdoing

In 2021, Hutchins Police Chief Steve Perry was fired after an internal investigation found multiple violations of departmental policies. Perry was accused of using force excessively, tampering with evidence, falsifying reports, and engaging in sexual harassment. Furthermore, he faced allegations of employing officers who were not sufficiently qualified, including some with criminal histories, resulting in his dismissal and subsequent legal proceedings against the city.

Drug Trafficking by the Council Member

In 2022, Council Member James Smith faced legal trouble for allegedly being involved in distributing cocaine and marijuana. Reportedly using his authority, Smith helped with drug deals, protected dealers, and misused city resources for illegal purposes. He denied the charges and is waiting for his trial.

In conclusion

These instances highlight Hutchins’ reputation as a center of corruption. Described as the most corrupt city in Texas by various media sources, Hutchins has faced investigations from federal, state, and local authorities, leading to legal consequences and public backlash. Despite calls for change and transparency, the widespread corruption in the city presents major obstacles to its elimination.

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