Home Local News The average gas price in LA County is now $4.66, the lowest it has been in almost a year

The average gas price in LA County is now $4.66, the lowest it has been in almost a year

The average gas price in LA County is now $4.66, the lowest it has been in almost a year

As of January 2024, Los Angeles has seen notable changes in its gas prices. The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in Los Angeles is currently $4.443, which is a slight decrease from $4.465 the previous week, but an increase from $4.239 a year ago​​. This represents a year-over-year increase of 4.81%, indicating a rising trend in fuel costs.

Comparative Analysis of Regional Prices

In Southern California, the gas prices have been fluctuating, with some areas experiencing slight decreases. For example, in Riverside, the average gas price is $4.61, which is higher than the previous week but lower than the previous month​​. In Los Angeles, the average price dropped slightly to $4.734, which is less than a week ago but significantly higher than the previous year​​.

Factors Influencing the Price Changes

Several factors contribute to these changes in gas prices. The Auto Club spokesperson, Doug Shupe, attributed the highest gas prices ever for this time of year in Southern California to rapid rises in Los Angeles wholesale gasoline prices due to potential refinery problems.

However, prices dropped again as more supply became available on the wholesale market​​. This dynamic interplay between supply and demand, along with refinery outputs, significantly influences gas prices.

AAA’s Tips for Saving on Gas

To help consumers manage these fluctuating gas costs, the AAA offers several tips:

  • Using regular unleaded gasoline if premium is not required for your vehicle.
  • Maintaining proper tire inflation and regular vehicle servicing.
  • Avoiding rapid starts and hard accelerations to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Driving at moderate speeds, as fuel economy peaks around 50 mph.
  • Minimizing the use of air conditioning and avoiding extended idling.

National Average Comparison

The national average gas price is $3.083, which is lower than California’s average. This disparity reflects the state’s typically higher fuel costs due to various factors, including state taxes and environmental regulations​​.

The fluctuating gas prices in Los Angeles and the broader Southern California region reflect a complex mix of local and global factors. While prices have seen a slight decrease recently, they remain higher compared to the previous year. Motorists are encouraged to adopt fuel-saving measures and stay informed about the changing prices to manage their fuel expenses effectively.

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